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Where are the improvements over Synapse 3?

  • 7 May 2024
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I’ve tried the new beta Synapse twice now, and both times I’ve uninstalled and gone back to Synapse 3 within an hour. I waited until the Tartarus Pro was supported and took the plunge to try the beta, but I wish I hadn’t.

I can’t understand why the beta spins up 10-20 sub-threads which take 20%+ of my CPU whilst starting, why I have to unplug and reconnect my devices (BlackWidow Elite and Basilisk v3) for Synapse can see them, why it crashes repeatedly, why it doesn’t see a linked application has been started, or how Razer has the temerity to say that the beta is faster, more stable, and has a new improved UI (which looks exactly the same as the Synapse 3). The only improvement over Synapse 3 is the speed with which the “Linked applications” system works; dragging and dropping an app is much much simpler, and the page doesn’t refresh its list of found apps every time you click out of it - caching is so much fun!

I’ll hold out with Synapse 3 for as long as I can. It works with my kit and is much, MUCH more stable.

Improvements I’d like to see:

  1. A simple option to change the scroll direction for the mouse wheel without having to do a reassignment
  2. Ability to assign a profile as a default when not running a linked application. Oh, and for that to actually work properly.
  3. Start-up speed

All of the above suggestions are already present in Logitech’s software. Maybe the Razer devs could have a look at how their system works and get some ideas?

1 Reply

hi, sorry for my english. I saw your thread and I have a problem with the tartar pro that maybe you can help me with. I use it to play Fortnite but if I try to change the default settings of the buttons the analog stick stops working and I can only get it to work in 4 directions. How did you manage to make the diagonal movements work?