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Where is Razer Surround?

  • 11 May 2019
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So I bought a Razer Kraken Pro back in 2015. I still use today. The headset has ridiculous durability and the sound is still crystal clear. With the headset came a sound program that require a code for use. This program was originally used under Synapse then later on became Razer Surround Pro.

I guess in January 2019, a windows patch broke the program. I was not aware of this because I did not have any issues with my OS or the sound system at all. Problem is that I got a new pc in April and I cannot seem to find Razer Surround download link anywhere.

I am getting the eerie feeling that Razer may have retired it. But here's my question:
- Was my pro code complimentary or did I pay for it?
- If I did pay for it then why am I being forbidden access to my product?

Should Razer fix and return surround to us?

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The code is literally useless if you already bought Pro items for it. No idea why too..