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Where is the former options screen?

I am missing the options screen from Synapse, specifically the option to turn off the splash screen at start up:

Could you please bring this back? Currently it seems the only way to get rid of the splash screen is by deleting the software and switching to other peripheral manufacturers like Logitech or Corsair who use other, less intrusive software

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It's not in "Synapse", it's in Central (always has been). Fastest way to get there is right click systray and click settings.
Nope, same thing. I suggest you try it

This is all you get when you select options. There is nothing here but 1 button.... 1. Button. And it's not even a choice, an option as one would say. This screen does not deserve the term "options"
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Is your Synapse updated? Can you share a screenshot of what you see?

Shows on mine just fine.

This is all I see. That other screen I posted when clicking options.
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You will need to get past this screen and let the software actually start before you can access its settings. You can either login to the account you already have, or continue as guest. Once you do that, settings will become accessible.
ugh....well...that was stupid of me. That did it, yes. Thanks