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[CES 2022] The Blade Family

  • 5 January 2022
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The iconic Razer Blade line introduces 3 new successors with the all-new Razer Blade 14, 15, and 17 - armed the latest tech from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. Featuring the new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti which outperforms the desktop TITAN RTX, 50% faster clock speeds with DDR5 4800MHz RAM, and improved displays of up to 4K 144Hz.

Find out why the Razer Blade series remains the best gaming laptop: http://rzr.to/blade-family

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62 Replies

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Intel processor with RTX 3080 TI and with EXTRA! EXTRA!! EXTRA!!! cooling please~~~
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Nice update, need AMD advantage version (cpu gpu Team red). It’s nice to have blade15 AMD version. Wait where’s studio going…:rolleyes:
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Nice new models! But still waiting for Razer to give us a bit higher screens, not the usual 16x9 ratio
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Looking good
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For all family members 😛
So many announcements on the new year. Razer Blade with top specs as usual. Nice!
The new model looks good
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Thumbs up for AMD version.
Really curious about performance and temperatures.
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daaaaaaang those looks good
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Holy..., that's some fine high end tech over here. The price is insane too.
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don't wanna see this. it will make me want it more....
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Slim & Fit
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Good to have couple of choices
the dream 😂 to one day be able to afford xD
more powerful than ever but their cooling is what worries me
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New blade in me colection 😃
1080p webcam for Zoom/Microsoft teams! Yay!
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life was easy when there was only 1 Razer Blade. Now i don't know which one to choose
Happy to see if it could be affordable price
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Blades looks good
still can't afford either one of these
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Hooooly cow, 3080 Ti and DDR5, that's crazy man, already? Razer is on another level.
Guys this these thing's just going to overheat like the rest of their systems.
dope specs😍