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how to keep undervolt in snapse and ram on 5600mhz for Razer 16

  • 30 November 2023
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Hey guys,

I get 96g ram on 5600mhz on my Razer 16 and using undervolt function in synapse to keep the machine cool, it all works fine until the new BIOS released last two months.

I know the BIOS 2.02 give the option the undervolt protection, but I cann't find the undervolt option in snapse, I use WSL2 a lot, the other software like throttlestop or intel XTU all need to close the some windows features which is eseential to WSL2, which means I still lose the undervolt function in my case. Also I find the ram start working on 5200mhz.

I follow the comments in reddit to downgrade the BIOS to 1.07 and the ram go back to 5600mhz, but the undervolt option still missing in Snapse, maybe the Snapse upgrade to the latest version automaticlly? I try to downgrade the Snapse but find no solution.

This really trouble me a lot and I don't know why Razer did this, I never saw any company reverse upgrade their product like Razer, maybe plus Apple. I mailed Razer and they blame this problem to microsoft make I realise that I may can not rely on them.

So I hope anyone face same problem want to keep wsl2, undervolt, 5600mhz ram works fine at the same time, can give me some help, I will be really appriciate that.

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