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Issues using Razer Blade 16 on TV?

I'm interested in purchasing the Blade 16 laptop. My current laptop, which has HDMI 2.0, is limited to 60 FPS when connected to a TV that supports HDMI 2.1 and G-Sync. I understand that this is a common issue with older technology, and that laptops without HDMI 2.1 support can experience a 20% performance drop when connected to an external TV. Additionally, turning off the integrated graphics processor (IGP) is not possible, and the laptop's monitor cannot be disabled. I've heard that newer laptops with Nvidia technology have resolved these issues. I'm curious to know if the Blade 16 has HDMI 2.1, if it can support more than 60 FPS over HDMI, if Full RGB 4K 120hz is achievable over HDMI 2.1, if there is a direct link to the GPU without a loss of performance, and if G-Sync is supported.

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