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My experience whit Razer blade 15 base so far

  • 25 September 2020
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so i bought my razer blade about a week ago. It's not a bad laptop by any means, but it's missing features you can get on a 900 dollar laptop, like usb-c charging, i would like to be able to charge by a docking station to leave the oem charger in my school bag. Also it's missing a windows hello which you also can get on a cheap pc. It 2400usd but for this price i expect at least some more features.

Also my battery was shot straight out of the box, with a battery time that's less then two hours and customer support has been horrible. I get it, the costumer service has been impacted due to Covid-19, but at least compensate by increase warranty period.

My conclusion:
The laptop is great, the keyboard and mousepad is lovely, the performance exceeds my expectation. The design is flawless, but missing some basic features for the price of 2400usd.

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