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Need some opinions on a build I'm planning

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So I'm looking at making a new PC build, and I'd like to see what the community here thinks about the remaining parts or any revisions to the build you guys have in mind to help me out, since I want this build to work out as optimally as I can get it.

The build itself is based entirely around the Tomahawk ITX case, as well as the Raptor 27 144Hz monitor, both from Razer, of course. These parts are absolutely non-negotiable, they're the highlights of the build. For the CPU, I was planning to go from my current Ryzen 5 3600X to the Ryzen 5 5600X, as it uses less power and has more up-to-date hardware, plus I don't think my CPU's core count is a big enough concern to go with the 7 3700X or especially the 7 5800X.

For RAM, I went with G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600MHz CL16, just a 2 x 8GB pack, since the ITX motherboards can only house two RAM slots, and anything over 16 gigs is just wildly diminishing returns for what I need from it.

I'm really big on how efficient my current Corsair MP600 SSD is, being compatible with Gen 4 PCIe slots, so I wanted to get this time a Sabrent Rocket 4.0, and I'm not a massive file saver, so just one terabyte is all I need honestly. Plus, the price point is great right now, it looks like.

I had originally planned on using the Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO motherboard, since it's highly recommended for ITX builds, and since the only real motherboard that has a Type C header to make use of the Type C port in the case is some overpriced DTX motherboard, so F in the chat for the Tomahawk ITX case's Type C port. Highly open to other ideas for a motherboard though.

Other than all of that, I don't really know what I should go with. Graphics cards are still all over the place, price-wise, and I'm not that knowledgeable with case fans that are efficient for airflow, relatively quiet, and/or good with RGB (it's a Razer build, gotta have RGB fans), or if I'd even want like an AIO or something (not really eager to get custom cooling), plus I'm not sure which power supply to get, since I don't know the final power requirements I'm gonna have until I have a GPU picked out. The goal is ultimately to maximize the Raptor 27's output and get something that can handle 1440p and at least 120Hz, though I realistically don't challenge my current PC on resolution or frame rate as it is; I mostly play Team Fortress 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ, and the most graphically demanding game I have is Resident Evil 3 remake, so I'm not shooting for the stars or anything in terms of raw performance. My biggest concerns are just power efficiency and part durability, since I don't wanna spend a ton on my electric bill, and I want this build to last a long while (not regarding futureproofing). Whatever suggestions you guys have, I'm open to hearing about it!

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