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Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2020 - SSD upgrade to 2TB --> SSD type?

  • 29 August 2020
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Has anyone tried to upgrade the SSD from 1TB to 2TB on this system?

All support would tell me is:
"Going back to your concern, the storage units and RAM can be upgraded to their maximums supported by Windows. Please be advised that upgrading these units is an “at your own risk” situation.

The Specs of the SSD that is compatible with the Razer Blade is SSD (M.2 NVMe) and it is upgradeable up to 2TB."

Anyone know the SSDs form factor size and socket type?
i.e. M.2 2280 socket M


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Yes it’s 2280 but regardless nvme or sata it’ll work on both type, like 860 evo sata if you don’t care a bit slow speed (on real usage not benchmarks). About capacity Hidevolution has even 8TB sabrent upgrade option I saw on Blade laptops for $1740 LoL so it’s mostly not limited to 2TB.
As personal recommendation 970Evo is just fine especially nowadays they’re going lower and lower, saw recently under €150 (1TB), bought in 2017 like over €200 on sale, it’s great on old Blade 14 and current Blade 15, use also 512gb variant on old stealth 2016, upgrading from 128gb original, it holds over 2 years fine till I sold it, unfortunately new stealth late 2019 comes with same 512gb (also Samsung) so that 512gb 970Evo lying around now.
Thanks for the feedback.

An 8TB drive would be sweet! But the cost :-O

The technical rep seemed to imply that upgrading on the 15 Advanced 2020 was risky and may not work. And she said 2TB was the max the system could handle (bios?).

So I'm looking at a 2TB upgrade option.

I've upgraded plenty of laptops before so I find it odd that it would not work. Maybe they are more woried about warranty voidage?