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Razer Blade Stealth 2019 - Keyboard Cover/Protector

If you're like me and will do whatever you can to avoid wear and tear on anything you own then this might be information you'll find useful. Full disclosure: I looked through the guidelines and didn't see anything about things like this so I'm assuming post like this are allowed? Also this is purely my opinion and YMMV.

TL;DR at the bottom

As a new owner of a 2019 RBS (and technically new to any Razer system at this point) I was eager to dive into this machine and start enjoying it day in and day out. The problem in doing so however is that at some point your gonna incur some wear and tear which is inevitable. That being said I will do whatever i can to minimize as much as i can then live with the rest. At this point I've already wrapped as much as i could with a dbrand skin including the trackpad and wrist rests as well as throw on a screen protector for good measure. All that was left was the keyboard.

Coming from a older 2011 MBA , I had previously tried a number of keyboard protectors in the past until I found the thinnest thing that existed at the time. That was a Moshi branded protector which ended up serving its purpose until the very end. I knew I wanted something similar for the RBS but the options were few and far between. I ended up with some random universal cover which I ordered off Amazon which also served its purpose until I landed on the "Leze Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover" (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P95SQ8T) for the RBS 2019. At this point I had already gone as far as to get custom key cutouts which i would of adhered to the keys individually so I figured why the hell not and give this thing a go anyways.

So its safe to say that this thing turned out better than expected.

First of all its as thin as a keyboard protector can get (at least for now) and its hard to see how to get the profile down any thinner. It's certainly seems thinner than the Moshi protector I used in the past so i have no qualms with it whatsoever. Fit and finish is also much better than anticipated with no messed up edges. Everything is clean and the fitment is pretty much bang-on. The protector did come with what appears to be six pieces of adhesive tape which i presume is used to further secure the protector in place as well as prevent lifting. I haven't run into any of those issues and I never had a problem with not having some form of adhesive securing the one on my MBA in the past so I didn't bother using it at all. Typing feel is also great with the surface of the skin having a somewhat smooth feel to it and there is no problem with any form of added stiffness with the protector in place. That being said it does alter the typing experience ever so slightly but if that bothers you then you're probably not really in the market for something like this anyways. The whole thing is somewhat translucent but there isn't any issue with key legibility and the only marking or branding this thing has is the name "cooskin" located on the bottom right hand corner of the spacebar.

Ultimately I'm glad I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this. It turned out better than expected and for anyone who is somewhat OCD when it comes to their things then this is probably your best bet at this point.

TL;DR - Leze Ultra Thin Keyboard protector - Its ultra thin and it protects. The fitment is damn good. So good I ended up writing about a keyboard protector on my first post.

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I use also this cooskin for my stealth 2016 and it holds well over 2 years. They made also for Blade 15, but apparently not available yet on Amazon EU, I’ve to order from Singapore reseller which’s quite uncomfortable to me.
any tipps for me?

I am looking for a keyboard cover for my razer blade stealth 2019 EU. i found only on alibaba the "not EU" Version. i am looking now for 3 days and found nothing :(
Thank u for any tips or hints.

Best regards from germany