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7.1 surround sound Invalid activation code

  • 18 March 2021
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I just bought a brand new kraken x for console and when i use my activation code for 7.1 surround system it doens't accept it and it says that the license code is invalid. What can i do to fix it?

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We are getting many Insider threads where the product registration and activation code is invalid or does not work.

Check the followings as you go

  • Use US keyboard layout, rather than UK or other English keyboard layout

  • Double confirm your letters and number
    Do not get characters and numbers mixed as per following~
    'I' and 'l' (Capital I for India and lower case l for Lima), but all P/N and S/N should be in captials
    'O' and '0' (Capital O for Oscar and number 0)

  • If P/N comes as 'RZ', try 'RC' vice versa

If the issue is with the activation code, but you have a valid S/N, P/N or activation code of your headset, contact the RAZER Support by clicking here, and click "Contact Support".
Or send a Personnel Message to 2 of the RAZER supports I know

Just a reminder, 7.1 Surround Sound is currently available on 4 headsets

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@Sye_The-Vie Thanks for the mention!

@ Sivag12 Please note that the Kraken X for consoles does not come with an activation code for the 7.1 Surround Sound app. With that said, send me the serial number so I can verify the model. Let's go from there.

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