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My Leviathan Speaker died today

  • 18 January 2019
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I turned on and off while music was playing. And that was the end of it, super sad...
Did some research and my power supply seems to be in working order so it must be the chips inside but fixing that myself is "another level".
Does anybody have suggestions before I open it up?
Been using about 2-3 years so buying another one sounds like bad investment, maybe it's time for me to learn soldering.

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3 Replies

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To reset the bass level you will need to factory reset the entire sound bar. First ensure that your sound bar is powered. Press and hold the mute button for 10 seconds and the sound bar will automatically restart itself – reverting back to its original factory settings.

Try this if the speaker dont turn on this will be a somekind hardwere issue on spekaer itself so without repairing it you do anything. You can send to pay warranty on razer service or find third party service.
Yeah no luck.
So I chatted with razer support, was told razer does not have service centers but I got $20 code for razer store, eh.
Looks like third party repair is the only option left now.
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sell you mine for $100 (paid $200 for it)

excellent cond, 1/2 of its life just sitting there collecting dust as I mostly use my krakens