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GIVEAWAY | Have a Nice Death

GIVEAWAY | Have a Nice Death

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Have followed up this game for a while! Nice giveaway!

AHH, found the comment section…




jk :p


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I really want to play this game!

I want a copy!!!

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Nice, I’ll try

I want to try this game! Looks interesting, it’s a new concept of game. Want it so much! Please pick me!

Good luck too all! 

I love the art style so much!

I'm hopeful that I'll be among the fortunate individuals selected as winners. However, I also extend my best wishes to all those who participate in the contest, hoping that luck favors them as well.


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pick a snake pick a snake :D

good luck everyone!

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I’m in! Good luck everyone 


I want this so bad!

GL everyone

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I’d like it 

If there is no time to correct mistakes, if you pressed the wrong button and lost, then start the game again. If it doesn't work out, you can always come back.🤗

Thanks and good luck !

hello i buy tuday razer viper ultimate and my mouse is conected to pc is work perfect wirles but i have problem i conected to pc whit cable is caming in box to charge and after 3 hour is not charge 1 procent i stil have 20% battery and in snapyse 3 is show is charging but batery is stil low and nothig charging what is problem ?

Good Luck All!

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Thx and Good Luck for everyone

Lovely it gives cartoon network's old cartoon vibes love this trailer



Hey Insiders!

We're giving away five (5) Arc Games keys for Have a Nice Death

To enter: all you have to do is respond to this post to be eligible into a random drawing for one of five game keys.

Have a Nice Death is a 2D Action Roguelike where you play as Death, CEO of Death Incorporated, who currently finds himself teetering on the edge of burnout. His top executives, the Sorrows, have been running rampant on Earth's surface, leaving him buried in an underworld-sized mountain of paperwork. Now, in order to regain control of his company, as well as secure a much-needed vacation, he will need to traverse the various departments of Death Incorporated and remind his subordinates who's boss.

Winners will be notified by direct message on Razer Insider.

For more information visit: Arc Store | Have a Nice Death (



Terms and conditions apply.


I saw gameplays want to try it by myself

Good luck and game looks fire