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I hate that I bought this keyboard. Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro charging problems

  • 22 June 2023
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I only have about a month with this keyboard, and it's given me nothing but issues. Even after updating its firmware to the latest version as of 6/22/2023, and wiping out clean the Synapse 3 app and reinstalling it, multiple times, the keyboard refuses to charge. No matter what I use, either plugging it into my work machine, my personal gaming rig, or even using my phones charge adapter. I have let it sit overnight, gone to work and come back to the keyboard still nearly at 0% battery.

I've seen multiple other threads here of people complaining about similar issues, and some of them haven't gotten a single reply, so I'm expecting to go through the same,

I just can't believe that I paid over $270 bucks after tax for this keyboard, only to be left in the dust. I was better off buying a cheap alternative. That could've possibly help me a lot better. I'm furious that, to make matters even worse for me, I purchased the keyboard through Amazon, and I'm an overseas customer that lives in the Caribbean, so I can already imagine the absolute lack of support.

Again, I have already tried reinstalling and doing a complete wipe out of the synapse app, and the keyboard's firmware is already at its latest version.,

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yeah, I had this keyboard for almost 8 months now, maybe more..


my keyboard also has the 0% charge issue plus my keyboard is randomly shutting down during gameplay etc..

I spent 250 euro for this keyboard and It was not worth it - not able to RMA it either..

currently using a 20euro keyboard.. I’m not going to buy any razer keyboards anymore - bad experience.



Are you not able to use the keyboard just wired until the issue is fixed? iirc it works perfectly fine through a USB port while wired...