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mouse and mousepad poor durability

  • 24 November 2019
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I don't know why, but even if one time my hand sweat mouse and mousepad starts having huge friction. When i played in winter 3 months my equipment was okay. But even if my hand sweat only one time, i can tell difference and then appear some spots on mouse feet. I would need to buy new mouse like 2-4 weeks or sooner, but i am not that rich. It is frustrating because i was supreme master class in cs go and top 800 in sc2. Support only said to use micro fiber cloth, even i did that after each gaming session had no effect, i even asked on chemical forums and they said, to wash mousepad in slitghly wet cloth, not soke it and it still didn't help only make it worse, since water can break threads in mousepad... I can't play my mouse is jumping and there is so much friction, if i play faster, i have no accuracy... When do you think will be frictionless mice, this is so annoying...

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Hmm, weird. I am a csgo player too although my rank is much lower than yours. My Razer Basilisk and Goliathus Chroma works just fine even after nearly a year. I used them for both work and gaming and for me it's extremely durable, not sure why it doesn't for you though. I am quite satisfied with Razer products except for their software. Honestly speaking, it needs tons of improvement (resource optimization, device support, version unity etc) Maybe because you lift it high and bang it while you flick and you eat something while you game and does not clean your mousepad regularly? Mind sharing?