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razer da elite doesn't remember dpi

Razer da elite doesn't remember dpi settings. And i cant use razer synapse, because it causes incredible input lag. Old razer chroma remembered dpi setting after uninstllation....
Is it possible to change dpi without drivers? Mouse doesn't remember dpi anymore so people are forced to use razer synapse spyware...

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Can you give little more info. When the issue start, what version of synapse you use, issue appear in specific app/game or everywhere, you try to remove profiles from your mouse and create new one if yes and dont help you try to reinstall synapse with delete folders in appdata and programfiles after unistall ?
It says razer da elite doesn't have onboard memory so it can't remember dpi right ?
I install razer synapse elsewhere and than try to change my dpi, because even after uninstallation, drivers persist on system and cause lag and it is very difficult to get rid of them. But i tried in past and i didn't delete anything still didn't remember dpi. Omg this mouse isn't cheap, it doesn't have even onboard memory...
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On=board memory save your settings on device storage that you can use it without synapse with your saved profile. This mouse reqire the synapse to work and when you have it running it in background your dpi buttons should work if you dont change the default layout. I assume you try to reinstall synapse with folder clear after uninstall and remove it from windows device menager at this point i will recommend you to try upgrade mouse firmware but with this must help you support becose you must get firmware updater app.