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[TotW] How Are You Doing?

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Most of us by now are living in a quarantine of sorts. Many of us are practicing work-from-home and safer-at-home policies. For us here at the office, it's been a week. So far, the team in Irvine has been stellar and we've been quite the rock stars. We chat often, still play games together and sometimes hang out with our cameras on as if we're just hanging out and working together. We're strong, we're keeping it together.

I, personally am curious how everyone else is doing? These are some challenging times. We can joke all we want about how this lifestyle is not so different from the usual gamer life, but when you're put in a situation where you don't have too much of a choice, it changes things. I can't meet up with friends for drinks, but we've managed to do it over video chat. Isolation for a lot of people is terrifying, while to others, it's a gift. I hope you're doing well. I hope you're all being safe. I'd love to know how you're doing.

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Thanks alot for worrying us.
Just doing fine.
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Yeah, situation is bad everywhere, take care of yourselves folks, stay safe, stay home.
Hi, I'm from Rome, Italy. I think we are the ones that has been hit the worst, people are dying on a daily basis and honestly speaking I don't think this is going to be back to normal anytime soon. We are trying to be optimistic about the matter and we're always hoping for the best.

It's been 3 weeks since I went to work and the school that my kids attend has been closed for a month. Its a good thing that hey have started the weschool and zoom system for online lessons at least they still have some lessons that they can complete. As for me, I help out around the house and with the kid's assignments. Still an active gamer now more than ever with League of Legends and alot for games in my Steam library. I'll be orderring the Razer Nommo Chroma be the end of the month I hope the guys can still deliver under said circumstances.

I wish everyone the best. Stay Safa and stand united. We can win this.
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I've been working, studying and gaming from home since about a year pre-Covid. So on my end, my lifestyle hasn't changed.

The mom & pops grocery that I love to support is still well and fully stocked at all times. The powers-that-be have a good handle on things, and people more or less have made wise decisions and are each playing their part.

The one thing I'm most grateful for is that my parents no longer need to work and risk exposure just to put food on the table. They're safe and frankly to me that's all that matters right now.
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Thank you all for sharing. Let's all be good and safe out there!
Up in Washington we got cases in schools all around and families that I know have COVID-19. It's kinda scary, but at the same time I'm just chillin at home so it's not that bad. Just gets kinda boring after a while.
HK boi here
School has been closed since feb
supply shortages have at least ended
our govt is actively trying to infect us by doing nothing about borders while letting infected ppl run around