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[TotW] Support Friendlies

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Although I, myself do my best to help whenever possible, I am not support. I do not and cannot do the incredible job our support staff can do. They kick ass. It's easy for people to pick on support because it's usually the people who are affected that you hear from. Happy customers, go about their happy days. It's par for the course.

With that said, if you're reading this and you are happy with your Razer experience and proud to be a member of the Razer Community, please let our Support Staff know that they do great work! And while you're at it be sure to share you great experiences with our products as well.

Lastly, this is going to be a positive energy thread. Any haters will be dealt with. Please, be nice. Thank you!

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Good Job for all Staff, keep Going.
Good job for all staff ☺☺
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Every time I mention a concern-even a small one-they are always on top of it. So I appreciate that a lot.
Always be same as before. Well done razer staff:smile_::smile_:
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Hello friends,

OMG Who's talking to my head ?🙀
Nice positive energy. ^_^

Thank Razer Support for your excellent work.👍

I have one very important question for Razer Support.
"Dekades community Cowboy Super Brain Power is DC or Marvel super hero?" 😲
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Thanks Support!
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I have one experience before, when I won a giveaway from Razer Gold Facebook Page. The confirmation only took 3 days and received my prize in less than 1 week from Taiwan to Malaysia ! That is AMAZING for me !

To all Razer Staff, you guys are AMAZING ! Keep doing your excellent job guys !
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GL for Razer Support.
You're doing excellent work 🙂
huge thanks to razer staff for making the experience smooth and seamless! even the creation of this site must have taken days
Many thanks to razer support staff for always helping us fix our problems
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Always be nice to Razer support staff!
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Cheer up Support team!
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haha I love the GIF
Being on the forefront of support can be a very challenging work with very little credit given to the people that is in essence the face and heart of the company. They are the first contact point most customers have with a company and set the expectation from the start.

To all Support staff... thank you.
You deal with a lot of frustration and BS, but you're all awesome!
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Transfer in progress...gg support.
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I only have good experiences from dealing with Razer support. So very helpful, polite and able to solve all my troubles. 10/10 support, would recommend
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Keep up the good work Support. Dealing with rude people has got to be very difficult but hopefully there's lots of nice thankful people too.:smile_:
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Razer Silver is good
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Grateful to Razer support :smile_: Keep up the good work and thanks again !
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Razer's support always has solved my problems.
Even if sometimes it took a bit of time, they don't stop until you're good.
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good customer service is so important!! thank you support
thats cool
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keep spirit!