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Username Change? Stuck with default

  • 13 October 2019
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I didn't pay attention when I set up my account and I'm stuck with the default username Razer chose for me. I really want to change it to "ndncndln". Please help!

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6 Replies

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You should be able to change it by going to this link and changing the Razer ID to the name that you want to use.
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The default name does not sound too bad.
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Hey, Like cryptik said, If you go to the Razer Id, You can change it there. As long as nobody else has it, you are good to go!

Edit: That wasn't very descriptive.
Go to
Then scroll ALL the way to the bottom.
Click on Razer ID under software and services at the bottom.
Once you are there and logged in, Click on Razer Id under Login.
From there you should be able to change your usernamer, Given it is not already taken.
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The link should take care of it. But, let me know if you have any problems.
Thanks all!!
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No problem. Hope it helped in some way.