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What's happening with Project Valerie

  • 24 April 2020
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what's going on with project Valerie? its been a concept for a long time as I recall and I think its a awesome idea and I cant wait till its out on the market. But what's up with it is there like a place to receive updates?

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One of these projects that are announced in a big way but quickly disappear again. I think Razer will resume the project when the Razer Phone 3 is in planning and the batteries will be better in the form of hydrogen cells or similar. Before that, I don't think anything will happen.
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It was just a proof of concept. Sadly it might not ever come to fruition. I thought it was pretty freaking awesome too, it'd be perfect for on the go. Hopefully they'll surprise us with an RP3 (even if it's been denied that we'll see one) I hope it happens. Valerie really seemed like it could be a viable product for those in need of a chrome-book esque portable.