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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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Just got my Nabu in Saturday, and can't help but think how cool it would be to have a Razer blue tooth headset to go along with it for when I'm on the go! (For your cellphone, not computer)
smartphone for gaming and other entertainment. a new line up of Chroma series

Enhancing the normal features such as the mic, speakers. Also have a full hd display would be nice.
A lot of people have mentioned it already but I would love to see a custom monitor from you guys. Is it possible to have a 120hz+ non TN panel monitor?? Like a high refresh rate ips display? a sweet green and black monitor would look nice. Maybe add Gsync support as well. This would be a killer monitor.
Razer Toaster.
Monitor perhaps? lol
I have the Razer Edge Pro, upgraded it on my end but I would like to see a sleeker release of it with the Nvidia Graphics in place with HiDPI. That or work with MS/Intel/Nvidia on Razer Tablet with the specs of the MS Surface or something. just spitballing… Overall I really like the Edge Pro Tablet I have (replaced the SSD with a Samsung 1TB, upgraded the ram to 16GB, replaced the Wifi/BT with an intel 6235… i think…) I'm also really happy with the Ouroboros and the Mouse Matt it came with as a package… really cool.

As for peripheral ideas Not sure phone cases are a thing anymore, unless you want to venture out there and compete with element case or work with them.

If you ever want to experiment with an OLED Display on a transparent plexiglass pane i think that would be a step forward into awesomeness. I know it'd probably be too expensive, or maybe i'm thinking too scifi… haha.

Anyway hope the projects your team are coming up with works out really well. :D

++EDIT++ also maybe a compact razer mini tower for gaming to hookup specifically to a home theatre? Media streaming, gaming, maybe a NAS? Not necessarily a Steam Machine if that even exists anymore, that kinda disappeared off my radar.

- Sunburner
Well, what Razer have done over the past few years is amazing. However all the colors for the first few years was limited to green. I think let's go back to that. Let's actually be green, as in more environmentally friendly. I was thinking of an idea that one day computers will be greener on average it costs around £1 to use a computer a day, excluding the cost of the monitor that's probably way more. Maybe there's a way to implement a more energy saving power supply or motherboard or peripherals or ANYTHING!! Solar panels are becoming more and more popular in the past few years and have really started to take off. It would be cool to see a case that people actually want to put on their desks instead of under it. By this i mean a case that will look good WITHOUT cool colourful LED's. Lets try to make Razer fully green.

Thanks 😃
Yep you just released the mic for youtubers and the like so i second the webcam and monitor ideas. I also recommend maybe a steam machine or console type product to go with the Xbox Controller
Monitors, Phone Cases, Chairs, and Routers / Modems! 😃
ooohhhh, What about energy drinks? 😃 Maybe work with monster and get something going? ❤ Razer makes what are important for gaming, they also makes the best of it, and Energy drinks is imortant for gaming 😃 SO why not? 😉
A razer store app would be fantastic. Where not only could you purchase razer gear, but build your own set up wish list similar to Amazon's wish list but with an actual visual of what the set up may look like 🙂 it would be a cool incentive to spend your money on razer products if you knew exactly how your set up looked like or how you would like it to look
I've seen a lot of people mention monitors, but most of what has been mentioned are things other companies already have. In my mind Razer is an innovator. How about a true gaming class monitor in 21:9, 3440x1440 with a high refresh rate and g sync? People are currently buying the heck out of the LG and AOC 3440x1440 for gaming, and those are slow response panels not really well suited for gaming. Something in that form factor optimized for gaming would change the market.
I'd love to have a carrying case for my Kraken. You guys already make carrying cases for mice and keyboards so it would only make sense to make one for headsets too which are probably the most traveled of all of your peripherals.
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I would say that a dual monitor package setup with stand would be a great idea. Many gamers use dual screen and knowing Razer and it's quality of each product made, it would be very successful!
What about a drawing tablet to plugin, many people use razer products for design and this would be great with customisable keys, I would also like to see a professional level sound control unit for better output
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I'm going to need a new switch blade powered by an APU utilizing 3D RAM.

Or new CRT monitors, but that's a pipe dream.
I don't know but actually we are fighting to buy all from Razer, I'll love to see some of this:

- Razer Media Player (Hardware), something like the old Argosy HV335T, but with Bluetooth, WiFi, Razer design and the ability to allows to wireless watch what we are playing/doing in the computer in the TV.

- Project Christine, really I want to see that.

- A Nabu integration with others Nabu in order to use it even in the ankles, so being able to track 3D movements all the time and also control some games like the kinect and maybe track with more options when we are working out

- A Desktop PC with an octa core AMD processor but an NVidia GTX card.

I will like also a Portable media player (MP3, iPod like device), a Monitor and everything else, but I think it is about to bring something new with new ideas.
I would love to see a HOTAS/6-axis setup that integrated the Hydra in a new form factor with built in software support. Maybe one hand is throttle and selector switches (need lots of buttons for Star Citizen) while other hand is the Hydra stick (throttle could double as base station for hydra sensor)
again......ps3/4 pads, plus i've tried sharing ideas before but you never reply! oh wellL 🙂
How 'bout a razer webcam?
Could the devs work on an Chimaera or kraken that could work for ps4, a configurator for leds on keyboards so that we wouldn't be forced to buy an exclusive keyboard to change led colors? That would be greatly appreciated.
ooohhhh, What about energy drinks? 😃 Maybe work with monster and get something going? ❤ Razer makes what are important for gaming, they also makes the best of it, and Energy drinks is imortant for gaming 😃 SO why not? ;)

I feel like they've been hinting on that lately with all the razer gear and monster colab pics both companies have been posting
I'd like basically anthing to compliment the PC's Razer theme even more. Like previously stated; a monitor (series, both IPS and TN panels), monitor stand (w/ backlight), webcam, gaming chair...

But Razer shouldn't just be something to stay within a gamer's bedroom or office/study. The Nabu is a great start, and the limited edition iPhone case gets a lot of attention when I use my phone in public, but it doesn't quite grip people into knowing what Razer is and stands for. If Razer can make it into every-day utensils or EDC (think smartphones, safety knives, something like Apple Pay/Google Wallet), or hell, be the sound driver for specific brand cars, that's when Razer will fill the hearts of every gamer and non-gamer alike.
Wireless keyboard for using with my wireless mouse
With the relative success of the Surface Pro 3, I think a reboot of the Edge line might be nice to see.
So many of these things sound great o. o. Personally i'd also love some kind of razer monitor, razer gaming chair, and ofcourse more on Project Christine!~ So psyched to see that come to life! 😃