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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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It would be great if you guys put extra Ear Cushion in the box especially for the Razer Kraken series. Everytime at Razerstore , the Ear Cushion always out of stock and if I not wrong the quality is not the same as Kraken's Ear Cushion? thanks :D

Please make a new Headset that combine Razer Tiamat 7.1 sound quality + Razer Kraken 7.1 mic quality! 😃
Razer webcam that's built for streamers like the Seiren Mic, could be called Razer Eye.

I'd love to see a sleek black Razer smartphone with a glowing Razer logo on the back. With an insane custom Razer OS.

Bringing the Blade and other US only products to Europe. (Theres definitely a big enough demand for this, to make it worthwhile).
a chair and a monitor would be cool
The basic of PC building up is: Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, speakers and the whole desktop.

You didn't make Monitor!
How about make Razer monitor? with Razer's technology in it.
It will be really cool to collecter like me! (Actually, I even couldn't buy H440 as I don't have enough money lol)

And you missed wireless keyboard.
I think Deathstalker's design is really proper to wireless design but, wireless keyboard needs much simple one.
Like Apple's keyboard.
Based on Deathstalker and edit it more simple and nice.

So, I want Razer's Wireless keyboard and monitor.

Thanks for reading.

-Korean Razer Collecter
If you guys make a monitor, make sure that it has G-SYNC and high refresh rate or else it's just not worth it then. Monitors are on the rise with G-SYNC now.
New Razer products, the potential is limitless. Eyeware, imagine a green tinted set of computer glasses perscription or non. USB Hub, anywhere from a triple hub with one end in-line with each snake head to the insane limitless hub potential. OS, nothing groundbreaking but maybe a customized steam machine os. Steam Machine, that would get my pre-order today. Retro Console Controllers, hit the glory day machines or emulators in true Razer fashion. I've seen Gaming Chair mentioned, pretty awesome idea.
Definitely need a HOTAS
updated razer edge would be nice since broadwell is coming/is out.

Racing wheel

and a Gsync monitor would be nice
How about budget friendly mechanical keyboard for students who are gamers. Kids play games too!! And they're not really 'rich'
Razer Nabu XL.
I have to use the hydro therapy pool every day due to injuries to my knees from Military service, so a Nabu that could be worn while in the pool would be fantastic.
Nabu for Europe, Razer Blade for Europe, ... Just something that America and Asia already have and Europe doesn't :)
And for something really new, like the others already said, a monitor would be really cool :D

absolutely agree i wanna razer blade but im in europe..
You guys made everything gaming mice,keyboards,heaphones you've even got the case from NZXT why don't you now make a Monitor screen?
I agree on all the post claiming for a better distribution in Europe. I'm really disapointed to see all those new products in US and we can't benefit it from here. I'd be happy to help in France if I can =)

Otherwise, I guess a monitor is a great idea, a new Mamba would be also great. Oh and also a simple 2.1 sound system for PC.

Anyway, continue to make us dream!
Razer Toaster
Hello Min, I have this idea that I have wanted to do for a very long time now, but do not have the skills or knowledge to do so.
My idea is warming gloves (for gaming offcourse)
The glvoes would be of some sort of thin material (so you can feel the keyboard and mouse with comfort), they would warm your hands with USB.
I have a problem with cold hands, I guess it's just how my bloodflow goes, but I never found anyone who makes this sort of stuff (I mean I've seen gamers use those little warming bags, but in my area they are hard to get and they are mostly usable only one time)

Second idea:
Gaming chair (like maxnomic makes them)


Then just something I would like to see, but don't expect:

Eyestrain protective glasses (for the long hours of gaming)
Razer Router (this one might sound funny, but some people really need that awesome connetion and a good firewall that does not screw with their games, and I am also keen on seeing what kind of interface for the router Razer would make)
I hope Razer makes another gamepad, but this one is based on PS4 controller.
Something as simple as a LED light strip, yes I know there are some out there already, but none can sync up with the Chroma software. Picture this: showing off your computer with color changing keyboard and mouse and not being able to make the same thing happen with your computer case lighting or even lighting behind your desk. Could be powered and controlled over a USB header inside a computer, so that users don't have to route cables everywhere.
Another idea I had a couple years ago was finding a gaming headset that utilized wireless to the fullest. Here's the story: I had bought a new sound card to use with my speakers I had at the time, but shortly realized that my Logitech G930 would never use the benefits that the sound card provided as far as utilizing the sound quality that the sound card produced. I had seen that Turtle Beach had a gaming headset that was both wireless with a Bluetooth option, but was still going to be hooked up via USB, not optical for TRUE surround sound. What I want to see is a headset that is wireless with Bluetooth capability to connect it to your cell phone, optical in/out on the transmitter, and a mic jack to hook it directly to the sound card for both audio and Mic capabilities. Thank you for your time.
A Razer Blade for Europe, a 24"27" monitor with high refresh rate, good viewing angles, latency, and G-sync.
Razer Blade for Europe, FullHD/4K monitor with everything that gamers need like low latency + awesome color reproduction so graphic designers would buy it even if they would not play games, gamers would be more that happy and graphic designers playing games would be in seventh heaven.
a tweak to the game booster recording function for 5min rolling cache (like nVidia shadowplay)
as stated above, a pro pair of flight sticks to support the likes of Elite-Dangerous and Star-Citizen
Min-Liang Tan
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I would love to see a 32 inch IPS 4K panel 120hz below $2500. Also if you guys could launch project christine I would buy it. Please include Titan Z's and workstation class components.
a 6D mouse, used by CAD designers and architects but also by some gamers
Nabu for sale in philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!