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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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I would love to see a MMO mouse (over 6 buttons) with decent sensor, because my Razer Naga Chroma sensor is just awful. I can play MMO but whenever I try to play Overwatch or Fortnite makes me think on moving to another brand.
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I think a wireless LED mousepad would be nice - my PC only has three USBs, and one is a charge port, which makes it kinda hard to plug in a firefly.
Blade Stealth Pro!

I want the Blade Stealth with the same 45w chip found in the Blade 15.

The GPU is not needed now that we have eGPU's like the Core/Core X.

Razer, this would sell like hotcakes.

Make it so!
I would like to see a razer gaming desk and chair. also a razer tablet would be cool or hand held gaming system
Basilisk v2. RAZER if you cut that thumb rest on the basilisk and take off one of the dpi buttons, we would be seeing one of the best mouse on the market.
Deathadder 2 RAZER make the clicks area separate from the shell case that would be awesome, i own 5 of your mouses, krait 2013, Abyssus v2, Basilisk, Lancehead TE & Deathadder Elite this last two came with loose case PROBLEM, i have to fix it by my self bcuz in my country there's no guarantee policy on this type of hardware, i hope you take my opinion. greetings!
All mouses with HyperFlux system, specially Razer Naga HyperFlux !!
I would like to see a razer gaming desk and chair.

Make a chair and table with Chroma integrated into them and many people would probably pay an absurd price for both. Plus from a business standpoint just think about all the delicious mark up that can be built into furniture.
They already made a watch:wink_:

Oh, thank you. I will see and let you know...because the watch I have visualized has a very different purpose and things like that.
A new High-End Headset to compete with the Arctis Pro. Analong/DAC, High-Quality with the same headband as the Tiamat/Thresher. Would be nice as Razer seens to want to enter audio space more strongly. Show what you can do, then.
definitely 64GB Ram With Core i9 CPU with high Core Number Processor and with atleast 4TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD
i really like to buy a laptop with this config and i dont care about how much its gonna be expensive, because the performance is the most important thing.
I have a Gigantus currently but love Chroma lighting on other products I have. What would really be awesome would be a Firefly mat with the Gigantus dimensions. If you really wanted to take it over the top you could add the ability to flip the surface from hard to soft like they have in the Hyperflux Mouse mat. Anyway you guys are the best! 😍😍

P.S. Also maybe an updated Orbweaver like you guys did the Tartarus V2 with the addition of the razer yellow switches!! :smile_:
Synapse for Linux would be nice.
A quality 5.1 Audio system, something like Logitech's ones
Razer Mamba/Lancehead Wireless with optical sensor and charging dock similar to the Mamba Chroma 2015. Just drop the laser sensor please!
Make your Green, Orange and Yellow switch design follow the Kailh BOX Switches. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME™️
So, it's 2018. I'd like to see a truly ambidextrous, programmable keypad. I have a Fang from a different vendor that is and should always be "the one." Unfortunately, it was discontinued, and Win10 no longer supports it. My solutions was to switch back to Win7--that's how dedicated I am to my Fang. There are lots of ambi-pads out there, but none of them are programmable. I have my Left-handed Deathadder (which i love) but i want a keypad/controller that can be easily used with the right hand. So, that's my wish. A fully programmable keypad that can be used comfortable with the right hand, without having to do major mods on it.
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So after trying out my cousin's Razer Orbweaver, I have decided that I would want to buy one for myself. However, I found out that it isn't compatible with Razer Synapse 3 and I would like my peripherals to be in line with each other. It's already bad enough that my Razer Kraken V2 Chroma lighting is out of sync.

If this can't be done anytime soon then I think it would be great to see a Razer Orbweaver V2 with Synapse 3 compatibility. Personally, the Razer Orbweaver feels a little too big for my hand so I think it would be great if a new version comes out that could be adjusted to be a bit smaller.

It would be great to release either a new version of the Razer Orbweaver or an update for Synapse 3 to be compatible with the old Razer Orbweaver soon since I would want one before World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth comes out, or at least a little after its release. Also, I think it would actually be pretty cool to release an officially licensed World of Warcraft Razer Orbweaver.
smaller sized keyboard in 60% slim keyboard using a low profile switch
I like the Orbweaver, but there are a few changes I would make to improve it:

1) Change the base for the spacebar.
The Orbweaver's spacebar is a lever that sticks out from the side of the gamepad. This isn't very sturdy; I have owned 3 Orbweavers, and 2 out of those 3 have had the spacebar break. Move the base of the spacebar so you press down on the button, like the Tartarus V2.

2) Give the d-pad more distinct buttons.
It is very easy to hit the wrong button when using the d-pad. I'd like the pad to be replaced with 4 seperate buttons like the Razer Wolverine controller.

3) The Orbweaver should not be seen in Windows as a controller.
Windows 10 sees the Orbweaver as if it were a controller, similar to an Xbox or PS4 controller. This can cause conflicts with games that use a controller, and I need to unplug the Orbweaver to play those games. If the Orbweaver was only detected as a keyboard, this would fix a big complaint I have with the Orbweaver.

4) Update the Orbweaver to Synapse 3
I'd like the 'Gaming Mode' and Hypershift options from Synapse 3 on the Orbweaver.
Blade 14 Synapse 3.0 support, wireless mice with optical sensors, a wired RGB Atheris as well as different top plates, a 144hz 1440p OLED G-Sync monitor, a TKL Ornata, a new Orochi, a Lancehead Hyperflux, a Firefly extended Chroma, a wireless Abyssus Essential, pc cases, a collaboration with Logitech making their devices Chroma compatible (I may or may not have just bought the G Pro keyboard because it was on sale for $90), PC cases, low profile wireless TKLs, Aura Sync integration, and finally... MOAR RGB! Just take your time... hehehe
Greetings fellow Razer enthusiasts.
I've seen a few likeminded posts, the word 'flight stick' shows up a few times; I want dual Flight-simulator-style joysticks.
Every piece of hardware I need, I buy from Razer (when applicable). This being said, I was saddened to find out there were no Joystick options (excluding the arcade joystick; not my cup of tea).
The Razer Hydra was my all-time favorite game controller; I've lost it now, so I had to resort to purchasing outside the brand.
I'd love a pair of Razer Chroma Joysticks that would blow my current ones out of the water:
I'd really like an extended version of the stealth mouse pad. I use an extended Razer mouse pad now but I really like the clean all black look.
I’d love an update to the Razer Blade Stealth, giving it that new bezel-free Razer Blade look.
I kinda like the "unnecessary" chroma gadgets like the Base station. The more colorful things on my desk, the better 😃. So I'm hoping for more of that. Also, Kraken headsets in more colors would be nice. I imagine.. purple and turquoise would look really good.


No question ask I will buy for sure with chroma of course duh..