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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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make a flying keyboard

cheaper prices

free razer stuff
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More Skins for the Razer Blades, mainly the 15. maybe when you go to the V3 of Wolverine make it wireless as well as chroma, if poss. APPs for iPhone, for those users, to earn silver. More Monitor Verity that also can be cheaper. Razer Chroma Peg Boards. Razer beanies. bring back razer watches, more razer wall decorations. Razer cleaning kit for keyboards and other electronics. rechargeable dust blower and vacuum in one. More of a selection in Razer branded cups, bottles. Razer stickers for purchase. Sneki Snek Game not with super graphics, more like old Nintendo graphics.
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razer is to expensive
Improving THX Spatial Audio to be better than Dolby Atmos. Which that would get people to move into your ecosystem.
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a 24" 144HZ monitor with Pink backlights
The latest trimode basilisk is brilliant, but I can't stop myself from thinking that it is tad too big.

So what about basilisk mini? If the thing is 15-20% smaller, it would possible to keep your thumb over the paddle button whilst maintaining a grip that grants better control. I am not certain that just scaling the thing down would work? I leave figuring this to experts, but this is a change what would motivate me to replace my basilisk v3 pro.

Could we have 240Hz 1440x3440 QD-OLED monitors please? Those folks at CES seem just unable to get it and it is maddening...
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(already said). Low profile 65% keyboard
(new) earbuds that lasts more than 10h
(general) lower prices.....a mousepad that costs 175€??? naga pro going over 200€??
New to the forum so i might be too late for the CEO to read on this. Few things I'd like to see Razer come out with:

  • Competitor to the nVidia Shield/Google TV

    • THX support, 4k TV dongle, Android+Cortex+Google assistant (maybe chatgpt instead), bluetooth, and dear lord Wifi 6/Ethernet port. Just a gaming focused TV dongle as a standard, and a console replacement for pro.

  • A Desk that isn't the modular desk concept. Just a simple... Razer desk that could match my setup
  • A Razer UPS for under the desk that can hide my cords
  • Govee might be a partner, but also check out lytmi for some razer branded Chroma for my Home theater/Playstation setup

EDIT: OH!!! With my Pixelbook almost at end of life, and lenovo/HP/Samsung getting into the gaming chromebook market. Id LOVE to replace my pixelbook with a Razer gaming Chromebook.
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

A Razer Phone 3 Please!!!!!!!!! You guys destroyed it with the Razer phone 2, i would love to see your own OS(let android be android) you guys are capble and youll be on top here soon. im tryng to buy a Razer Phone 2 Right now. just look at the specs, its better then the new phones that are coming out at tripple the price. and still have less ram, cores, fps, pixles. XD i could go on all day. ILOVE YOU RAZER and how much you love MOTHER EARTH.
Razer Phone 3

PLEASE. For the LOVE OF GOD. I just want peripherals that match the rest of my Quartz Pink collection. I want to get a sound bar, a Naga V2 Pro, a Tartarus V2… but they DON’T. MATCH. Even my CHAIR is Quartz Pink, but can I find a single pink sound system beyond my Barracuda headset? No.

Am I out on the loop with this one?


-Can we please order the linear red optical key switches to upgrade our huntsman keyboards from purple that was out 2 years ago.


I just want to upgrade, not be funneled into getting a whole ‘nother keyboard.

Include wireless headsets into the multi-device pairing function using the Hyperspeed dongle because the mouse’s dongle is more compact than the headset’s one.

A PC controller that is fully remappable to the keyboard...  I'm still upset about how Razer lied about the Wolverine Ultimate being "fully remappable", when in fact, it only remapped existing hardwired functions on the controller...  Then the manual stated that the software downloaded from the Razer site, but they removed it from the site and can only access it through a subscriotion to the Microsoft Store...  Outrageous...  :(

PC from Razer
Curved Gaming Monitors 😺

As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

As the blackshark v2 pro has had a 2023 refresh, it’d be great if this had an xbox version, the xbox wireless headset market is quite empty either them being too heavy / outdated, I know you guys have the kraken hyperspeed but the blackshark v2 pro in terms of comfort and quality is much more popular amongst the community and I think it’d sell really well on xbox (I have a pair currently for pc)

For current gen gaming (Xbox Series X) which has been out almost 3yrs, to be supported with pink headphones. I'd been wanting some new headphones for my XSX that are pink but I'm going to have to go with a company that supports next gen gaming because RAZER doesn't support next gen gaming

Official Linux Software 



Phantom keycaps with secondary function buttons for huntsman mini pleasee

I ask a developer to add a shipping method via the Ooredoo SIM
 This proposal will bring millions of users from Algeria and other countries

I think razer should  make there own:

prebuilt pc



smart assistant

mousepad with usb port


aim trainer

 vr headset

Gaming External Storage

8000hz polling rate mouse


I think a software that reviews your gameplay and tells you how to get better would be cool like ai so you upload it

razer tv oled 4k

or a 4k monitor 240hz refresh rate

27 inch

Hello, please add a charging method from the balance of the phone


 Together with Mobilis and Ooredoo


 in Algeria


 Thank you

Spoke with a service rep from Facebook, and mentioned I should make a post regarding my experiences with the Wolverine Chroma V2 since mine has become such a problem. Understand, I am in my 40s and have been gaming since Atari, I understand how to take care of my peripherals.

The USBc connector loosens too quickly to be considered for a wired controller. It is nonrigid and delicate. the simple act of picking it up, putting it down, and holding it while the weight of the cable has been enough to weaken mine to the edge of inoperability. I only had mine a few months before it started loosening, and I was forced to buy a separate cable. The primary cable was not secure enough to actually maintain connectivity and would constantly disconnect.

Buying a second, high-quality USBc cable was only useful for about a month and I am stuck holding my hands perfectly still or risk disconnecting.

USBc is inherently a bad choice and is the only flaw I have found running my Wolverine. The next generation of controllers needs a stronger, more durable connector. I LOVE IT when it works properly but at this level of quality a USBc connector smacks of poor choices by your design team.

Please look into this issue, as I am not the first person to have this problem.


PLEASE, PLEASE release a smaller version of the Razer Naga. The original Naga that lasted me years was absolutely perfect for my dainty woman hands. The size was perfect, and I loved how there was a dip on the front end of each side of the mouse it was perfect for my fingertip grip. I went out to look at the new offerings when the left clicker started to give me problems and I can’t find any MMO mouse that’s an acceptable size for my small hands from any brand. Even the new Nagas are nothing like the original, they’re big and round, no more deep groove in the front for fingertip. I eventually settled for a Corsair Scimitar but it’s not working out, still too big and causing pain in my middle finger from strain. I found an original Naga new in box on eBay this morning and paid ENTIRELY too much for it. I still have the old Naga so I will also try and repair that one so I have a backup.