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Your hardware needs Linux support

  • 11 December 2021
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I understand we aren't a majority but there's still a lot of us who use Razer products. I would love for Razer to be one of the companies that can push Linux forward by bringing in full support of all the software. Razer can make it work for the Linux kernel it can work for all distributions.
All we need is to be able to customize and use every feature that comes with our Linux hardware like mouse and keyboards.
We already have open source software that lets us customize but it doesn't have everything and it isn't very refined.

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1 Reply

I definitely agree with you and hope they do this soon! While openrazer is good it is still missing out on a lot of products and doesn't offer nearly as much funtionality as all the devices on it can use. Maybe if enough of us linux users voice our opinions they will do this soon.