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Android 9 (Pie) Now Rolling Out (Now Available For Three branded devices!)

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Rox598, Feb 27, 2019.

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  1. DHMtbLad

    DHMtbLad New Member

    Coming from a Nokia 95 which is 12 year old phone i would have to say my favourite feature has to be the phone itself as it is so user friendly definitely a win for me anyways and as for the screen and audio does anything in the mobile sector even match it I don't they do
  2. ximic

    ximic New Member

    My favorite feature would be the Chroma-lit logo. It makes the phone unique. Visually its always catching people's attention, and I am also able to proudly enlighten them on what my phone is and represents. It might take some battery but hey, we are taught to always be proud of what we own.
  3. LumpySpaceBreh

    LumpySpaceBreh New Member

    The thing I love the most about my Razer phone 2 is how it looks.
    It's futuristic yet simple. It goes against everything a phone is today. It's a phone you see in a videogame or a movie, something the expresses exactly what it is without even having to do anything.
    Thank you for giving me a breath of relief in the times of monotony.
  4. DLogic75

    DLogic75 New Member

    I love my Razer Phone 2! This is, in my humble opinion, the best smartphone on the market. It has the best screen, the best speakers, Dolby Atmos, wireless speed charging, and multi colored Chroma logo on the back. All that for hundreds of dollars less than a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.
  5. defante01

    defante01 New Member

    The 120hz screen and front firing speakers would be my favorite things about things phone. Everything looks so smooth when playing games.
  6. sinapsiscolectiva

    sinapsiscolectiva New Member

    The Razer phone has the best smartphone display I have ever used. There's no going back.
  7. Da_Fisshy_Gamer27

    Da_Fisshy_Gamer27 New Member

    My favourite feature of the Razer phone 2 is the theme store, although it is present in the Razer phone 1. The store really allows me to enjoy my phone's different forms and allows me to not get bored of the same design while still having a minimalist style
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Thank you Developer for bringing Pie, keep the work for RP1 fellows. Thanks Razer for today discount, keep the price:smile_:
  9. JoshHubi

    JoshHubi Member

    That amazing 120hz screen. Almost all my friends who are not aware of Razer and might not actually fit in the demographic stops in their tracks when they watch me use my phone, ask me about it, and express their desire to move from Apple to it. ♥

    I've been an walking ambassador of sorts, converting all that I can to the cult of Razer.
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  10. Automated

    Automated New Member

    Tell the devs that the next Drink is on me:wink_:
  11. urbanJadedome802

    urbanJadedome802 New Member

    May favorite feature is in the Razer Phone 1 and 2 and it's the fingerprint scanner in the power button!

    Thanks all the teams that worked on this device.
  12. Vicious12

    Vicious12 Active Member

    I like Big bezel. I hate notch or hole either.
  13. X63Razer

    X63Razer New Member

    I bought the Razer 2 because of the pure Android (no bloatware) and that amazing screen.
  14. Silvwyvn

    Silvwyvn New Member

    Definitely 120 Hz screen. Thanks to the Razer Phone now I can't really go back to any other phone available on the market. I sincerely hope that there will be a Razer Phone 3.
  15. modemboy

    modemboy New Member

    The screen and the speakers, hard to choose.
  16. Best feature hands down is the smooth 120Hz display and the LCD is just as good as the Oled also second best would be the Fingerprint log-in it is super accurate.
    Razer please don't give up on this phone i would buy the Razer 3 Day 1. Thanks for the new update

    Edit: Thanks to the Dev team for keeping the phone fresh love the Pie update!
  17. HS_ZERO

    HS_ZERO New Member

    You'll never see another phone's screen again! Fluid movement and dynamics! Lag free and flicker free scrolling and rotation.
    And easy on the eyes!
  18. ghosty192

    ghosty192 New Member

    My favourite feature is the speakers on the phone, absolutely amazing and loud too.
  19. Mikavelli

    Mikavelli New Member

    Aside from obvious beautiful display, best speakers on the smartphone and not oversaturated camera (I prefer true-er colours):
    The DAC really changed how I use the headphones - no more removing the adapter while connecting those to PC, I just plug headphones with adapter to USB-C port - and the freakin' Razer DAC is better than whatever is inside Laptop and PCs I use. If ANC are as good as adapter, I really want those :D
  20. Koordy

    Koordy New Member

    Hello, brand new owner of RP2 as I bought it few days ago :). 120Hz screen in a phone was just something I needed in my life.
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