Blade 17 - external monitor via USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 not working

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Ribsletics, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. Verpus84

    Verpus84 New Member

    Just to confirm, I own a Razer Blade 15 2022, RTX 3070 Ti and have the same problem.

    I can also revert back to Geforce 512.95 and then my Razer Raptor monitor is recognized again by the USB-C port on the right side. But I still can't use the most recent drivers.

    This is a serious issue, especially for what's supposed to be a cutting-edge gaming laptop. It's incredibly frustrating that this has been going on for months and Razer still hasn't found a solution with Nvidia.
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  2. RB17NW

    RB17NW New Member

    Same problem here. On support staff No. 3 and still not a hint of a solution. Seems like the Razer Blade 17 cannot run 3 external monitors for some reason. Great laptop however only bought for using external monitors so appears a complete waste of money
  3. homehitSandstorm812

    homehitSandstorm812 New Member

    Using 2022 Blade 15 OLED 3070Ti here. Tried everything in this thread with no success. My cheapo HP work laptop has no problem on the exact same Razer dock though! This is what you get for $4k I guess. I feel horribly scammed. Move some of your devs from the flashing rainbow team to the usable product team.
  4. GipsySnake

    GipsySnake New Member

    Hey, everyone! I own a 2022 Blade 15 w/ RTX 3080 Ti.

    Just chiming in to let you know that rolling back the Nvidia drivers to 512.95 fixed EVERYTHING for me:
    • Random stuttering on external monitors (via USB-C) is gone
    • Right USB-C working properly
    • Left USB-C now works at full capacity (dual external 4K setup via Razer Thunderbolt 4 Dock)
    • External monitors no longer stuck/downgraded at 4K@30hz
    • Active Thunderbolt 4 cables now work as intended (total bandwidth for my two external monitors instead of a single 4K@30hz)
    Here's hoping Razer releases a proper fix for this one
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  5. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Quick question to Razer support. Is there any progress on fixing this issue if not Razer plan replaceing the units that have this issue with the new 40xx gpu. This start to be annoying I will speak for everyone here we dont pay some less others more to have units that dont work as it should be. Razer as manufacture and warranty provider should fix this long time ago !
  6. Alchimista_Acciaio

    Alchimista_Acciaio New Member

    The new nvidia Geforce drivers are out:
    Driver NVIDIA Studio 517.40 - WHQL Tue Sep 20, 2022

    as far as I could try, they solved the problem for me (Razer blade 17 2022 - 3070 Ti).
  7. gooleem

    gooleem New Member

    Can confirm, newest Nvidia Studio Driver 517.40 fixes this!

    If you have the (default) "Game Ready" driver installed, it will not update automatically, as of right now. Go to the nvidia site and download the studio driver version.
  8. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Nothing is solved or fixed. GameReady drivers are fiffrent then Studio this are two diffrent things. Studio drivers are forwork graphic or video production in short and focus on this things. Gameready drivers are more universal and focus more on games and performance and works perfect also for video or photo. I think this will help you understand the diffrence:
    p.s Today get new Windows 11 22H2 update. Windows now force reinstall the graphic driver to 516.54 and if you want dowgrade it again it's a pain in the a... So if someone will update the system remember to reinstall the drivers becose external monitor will dont work.
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  9. owendep

    owendep New Member

    So you're saying the new Game Ready Drivers don't address the issue? This sucks, I've been stuck on these old drivers for months on my brand new machine. Complete oversight, and it's clear they aren't fixing it anytime soon as razer support hasn't been in this thread in quite some time. I do like your idea about new 40 series laptops though:big_grin_:, maybe that would make up for months of inexcusable "support" if you could call it that.
    You pay a premium for Razer's quality and this is how you're treated. It feels like they know they already have the sale and no longer need to worry about us. New games coming out over the next few weeks and man oh man am I excited for tons of crashes due to my outdated drivers!
    Seriously a bad look Razer.
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  10. jsmick

    jsmick New Member

    Razer doesn't care:

    Hi, Joshua.

    Warm greetings from Razer!

    This is Sheila, part of the Razer VIP Response Team and one of those overseeing your case.

    I understand your position and I'm truly sorry for this mishap. However, please note that Razer Limited Warranty does not cover:
    • problems with and/or damage to the Product caused by using accessories, parts, or components not made by Razer;
    • Razer does not warrant that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free. ALL SOFTWARE AND THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS AND ACCESSORIES PROVIDED WITH THE PRODUCT ARE PROVIDED "AS IS". You assume the entire risk as to the quality, performance, accuracy and effect of such items, and should any prove defective, you, and not Razer, assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repair.
    In line with that, the best that we can offer is to send a Power Adapter compatible to your unit. Moreover, your feedback shall be forwarded to our management as well.

    Should you need further assistance and clarifications, just send us an email (through this thread) and we will be here more than happy to help you.

    Thank you for contacting Razer. Have an awesome day ahead.

    All the best,
    Razer VIP Response Team
  11. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    This can be true if the issue was on drivers itself but in this case the driver have nothing to do with the problem. Next thing razer as manufacture of razer blade laptops buy gpu boards from nvidia and program them by self and if you see how the laptop is biuld gpu is part of motherboard becose is sotter to the motherboard. Eprom is chip where you have bios for motherboard dont know if mobile gpu have own or use the motherboard chip but see above gpu is part of motherboard and razer in warranty cover all factory parts of the laptop. Next thing becose of the issue is on dgpu that is sotter and the softwere is related to bios that is also development team or razer as a brand responcability to fix the issue that on side of manufacture they cant in legal way say nothing about this is fold of user and it is not covered by warranty. Next thing is warranty it self Razer have clear write there ifis problem cannot be removed custmer can replace the device for new but the same spec unit (in this case this cant be dont becose the problem is on all 30xx series cards), get money back or replace with he unit with simmullar spec this way write above about 40cc cards/ We see what happent in next two, three weeks but if there will be no respond when fix will be relased or fix it self dont appear for sure i will rise this case on my side to Consumer Onbudsman and even. Paying almost 5000 euro for half of device not an option in mean time like you can see every coustmer warranty is going forward and dont hold becose the only place when can be hold is aurozed repair center. This is clearly braking the coustmer rights.
  12. asdfkljadsf

    asdfkljadsf New Member

    Razer doesn't care:

    Razer Blade 14" (2021) - Unable to charge via third party C cables
    Response By Email (Sheila C.) (24-Sep-2022 02:44 AM)
    Hi, Joshua.

    Warm greetings from Razer!

    I sincerely apologize for this mishap as this is not the experience we covet for valuable customer's like you. However, we have policies to adhere. Thus, the best that we can offer is to send a Power Adapter compatible to your unit.

    As mentioned, your feedback is duly noted and shall be forwarded to our management.

    Should you need further assistance and clarifications, just send us an email (through this thread) and we will be here more than happy to help you.

    Thank you for contacting Razer. Have an awesome day ahead.

    All the best,
    Razer VIP Response Team"

    I'd suggest getting together a class action suit.
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