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Chroma Studio Lagging

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Antrnx, Jul 9, 2020.

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  1. Antrnx

    Antrnx New Member

    I own a Razer Nari, Cyonsa Chroma Pro, and Lancehead TE and recently purchased the Lian Li Razer edition case. Now, Chroma Studio lags bad, where it's difficult to choose an option. The framerate on the application is low and after a selection, it takes 1 second for it to go through and update on the screen. Any idea how to fix this??
  2. Atofe

    Atofe New Member

    Whole Razer Synapse lagging badly.
    Macros triggering several seconds later or not triggering at all.
    Application is slow to respond to clicks on navigation buttons. When trying to change macro profile manually software hangs.

    This started within past week.
  3. azithro

    azithro Member

    :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_: Disable, Chroma apps
  4. Antrnx

    Antrnx New Member

    It’s just chroma studio that lags! Nothing more!
  5. azithro

    azithro Member

    ik, just go to Chroma - Apps - disable apps, restart pc
  6. azithro

    azithro Member

    Last Hope:

    #1 profile check
    1. Logout your razer account from Synapse
    2. Download Nirsoft USB manager
    3. Unplug all usb devices.
    4. Open Nirsoft
    5. Mark all USB devices and click on Uninstall (trash bin icon) [Restart Pc]
    6. Open Synapse 3 and log in with this username and pass:
      Username: [email protected]
      Password: razerperipheralstest
    Connect all USB devices back

    if This fixes problem, it means that your Profiles are faulty and need to reset your account.
    #2 Synapse check

    Make a clean uninstall of synapse

    1-go to "add or remove programs" uninstall Synapse (all versions)
    2-press windows key+ R and type in: %temp% and delete everything inside.
    3-press windows key+ R and type in: %appdata% and delete Synapse folder.
    4-press windows key+ R and type in: C:\ProgramData and delete RAZER folder
    5-download and run Nirsoft Registry Scanner
    Find string: Razer inc
    Matching: Exact Match
    Scan the following base keys: select all HKEY

    Press Scan and wait for result- select all keys found - and delete them.

    6-Restart PC
    7-Download Latest Razer Synapse 3
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