Huntsman mini broke my windows

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by aaccensi, Nov 11, 2020.

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  1. plagueseason

    plagueseason New Member

    Just wanted to chime in and say I'm having the same unresponsive taskbar issue at login with a Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition and Intel 9900KF cpu. It doesn't happen every single time, but enough to be an annoyance for sure. Started happening when I upgraded from an Intel 8700 to the 9900KF - all other hardware is exactly the same, and no other instability issues (everything works fine once I get past the hanging explorer.exe issue). Motherboard is an ASUS Z370-A. I reinstalled Windows 10 as a troubleshooting step, and it happened the first or second time booting into the fresh install before I even had drivers installed, but I have since applied all the latest manufacturer drivers and patches as well.

    I opened a ticket with Razer today and will work with them to see how I can help, but wanted to share my experience here as well.
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  2. I just downloaded the new firmware and now every time i press a key its does this "sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" My serial number is (*Omitted) And yes i have a razer huntsman mini pls answer this pls and thx u
  3. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hi there! Thanks for sharing I removed your serial number from the thread. Were you able to contact our Support Team? If you haven't, please send me a PM so I can help you submit a case. Let's continue our conversation there.
  4. NicoFlash26

    NicoFlash26 New Member

    The same thing happens to me, I have an AMD Ryzen 5 3600x processor.
    I tried to update the firmware but it was temporarily fixed apparently.

    Fix it by disabling the HID compliant devices corresponding to the Huntsman mini (see properties), from the device manager.

    Pd: If the option to deactivate does not appear, start windows in safe mode (It is not useful to uninstall because the next time you turn on the Windows computer it will reinstall it automatically)
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  5. Hi Speedcr0ss. Thanks for looking into this. I just pm'd you.

    It seems the issue has been going on for a while and it has not been resolved.

    If you would be so kind, please share the steps to request a refund from Challenger (Singapore).
  6. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    Did they fix, the bug on the Huntsman TE? I always wanted a dream keyboard, and the one time my parents get me it, razer does this. I won't buy from this company every again. The fact that this is the leading gaming company, is doing this, just makes me want to create my own gaming and regular peripheral brand.
  7. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    I asked so many times for refunds. They never accept it. Unfortunately it is a business, not a charity.
  8. Redbeardtpirate

    Redbeardtpirate New Member

    I did pm you, and have gone through the support channels including giving all my config files on the PC. They blew me off because I wouldn't record a new video or the issue happening when they have examples already of the same thing happening with the huntsman but didn't believe me it was happening with a black widow v3 and wouldn't take my word the symptoms were exactly the same, so the support was closed.

    Not sure why I quoted someone else's post but I'm having the same issues with a black widow v3.
  9. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    Now the problem is with the Huntsman Mini, the Huntsman TE, and the Blackwidow v3. Razer, you should hire better QA Analysts (if you even bother to hire any).
  10. Thread has been open since Nov 2020 and no solution for TE.

    I regret buying this keyboard. I am not buying anything from Razer again.
  11. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    Same. I bought the mini keyboard and they purposely wasted my refund period. They later replaced my huntsman mini with the elite, which is 10 times worse and then they fixed this dumb bug. I regret going with razer. Every time I think that I am finally getting closer to my dream setup, something messes it up. I am considering wanting to make my own computer peripheral company. If Razer is the world's largest gaming brand, it must be really easy to beat their company. Like even a $5 Microsoft keyboard is better than the Huntsman and Blackwidow, since it doesn't break your computer. Ever since I plugged in the razer keyboard, my PC takes forever to start up, even when I unplug it. Also Razer Bug Hunter Program is a joke. I helped razer so much in trying to fix the bugs, and when I asked them for the reward for the bug hunting program, they immediately closed the case. I hate razer. They even run a bitcoin mining scam. How is this company even legal? If anyone sues them for these actions, it will be the company's last day in the US.
  12. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    Razer really screwed up this time. They wont fix the issue. How hard is it to fix the TE. Release the same firmware of the huntsman mini for the Huntsman TE.
  13. ak5hat

    ak5hat New Member

    they have offered to replace mine but i am quite sure the new one wont work either, has anyone gotten their keyboards replaced and it worked after that?
  14. SB3V3669

    SB3V3669 New Member

    I have the exact same problem. I have found that this problem occurs more often when you have a custom layout assigned to a specific game. Did you find a solution for this?
  15. Raider000101

    Raider000101 New Member

    does not work, keyboard still hangs and crashes explorer.exe
    msi mpg x570 gaming plus board here
  16. razercantQC

    razercantQC New Member


    Same Problem here with V1.12 - before and after the FW update.

    Support has no intentions of helping me - only if i send a Video on one of the biggest problem topics of this product in general.

    owning a Ryzen5600x and a B550 Strix-A MoBo by Asus.

    The firmware fixed AT LEAST that my windows is not crashing anymore or taking ridonkulous amounts of time for it to boot. o_O

    but yet still keys seem to "stuck" - not mechanically. and i have the problem of it "loosing" inputs.

    i started to count the number of problems i have only while typing small amounts of text like these.

    0 stucked key
    6 lost inputs

    GGWP Razer!
  17. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    Does it take more time to boot from the power on button on to PC to the login screen? Razer Blade 14 now uses AMD so they will now have problems on their own device, forcing them to fix the bug.
  18. razercantQC

    razercantQC New Member

    i maybe said it wrong. its mainly after entering the password that it took way longer! (up to a minute)
    but then often the explorer also crashed so the amount of time sitting there not able to do anything is annoying :/
    i got used to it but it was annoying. that went away with the FW upgrade on 1.12 but still problems with the keypresses
  19. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    For me ever since I plugged in the keyboard the part before the sign in took for ever. 3 months of not using it later, the problem fixed. Then I plugged it back in and it happens again, even when it isn't plugged in. After 3 months the bug will be gone again, but only happens when I plug in a razer device.
  20. razercantQC

    razercantQC New Member

    Lets just hope that this problem will be escalated further so we all can enjoy a working Firmware!
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