Lighting, profiles, on-board memory and hardware defaults

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by ittroll, Nov 10, 2020.

  1. ittroll

    ittroll New Member

    I have just switched from a Logitech KB/M to a Razer Huntsman TE & Viper Ultimate and I am disappointed to discover that, unlike the Logitech kit, lighting cannot be saved to the memory on the device.

    I can appreciate that some of the advanced effects will not work without the Synapse software, but surely the more basic effects can be stored on the device. Synapse makes is sound like it should be possible, "Quick effects are pre-sets that can be saved to a device's profile and synced with other supported Razer Chroma-enabled devices". But it would seem that saving to a device's profile is not the same as storing profiles direct on a device. o_O

    At the very least it should be possible to configure which of the keyboard's built-in effects it should revert to as a default. When you first power up your PC and when you quit Synapse it switches the keyboard to colour cycling mode (built-in effect 4). I would prefer to use a static single colour (built-in effect 2) or even no lighting at all. Not everyone wants a disco light show. I have discovered I can manually switch between these built-in modes using key combinations, but that will get tedious fast.

    Hopefully Razer can fix this in a software/firmware update as the hardware itself is decent.
  2. DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287

    DeepCerisePERIDOTbiz287 Active Member

    I am pretty sure that both the huntsman tournament edition and the viper ultimate mouse does have on board memory go in to the synapse 3 beta app, and if plugged in correctly it will show that all your peripherals are .Plugged up and it will let you calibrate lighting performance and cooling!!!
  3. ittroll

    ittroll New Member

    I am using Synapse 3.5.1030.101917. I took a look at the beta forum but the version there appears to be older.

    The Huntsman TE and Viper U do indeed have on-board memory but it would seem that theSynapse will only store key/button mappings.
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  4. Lightstrike27

    Lightstrike27 New Member

    yeah idk why synapse can't save lighting profiles to the onboard memory, it only wants to save the key mappings. I know for a fact that it is possible for lighting effects to be saved because you can do it with openrazer, and then your lighting effect will persist even to devices without synapse installed. Hope they give us the ability to do this in synapse even if the more complex lighting modes can't be saved, at least let us do the simple ones!
  5. I just cannot believe it, especially after reading this old thread and official staff answer. And now that thread is closed just because YOU Razer don't want to read more people complain.

    I lost many hours searching why I couldn't store even basic lighting profiles in the 5 on-board slots, at least to get rid of the stupid Cycling profile when I'm on another system. This is advertised, this is written in the manual and even that damn Synapse thing states it! Lucky I'm a Debian Linux user and that I have been able to overcome your dev & business incompetence by overriding that default unbearable Spectrum Cycling profile with OpenRazer. Hours lost because of you not able to deliver what you claim to deliver.

    That keyboard is amazing, the feeling is magical, I must admit it. But shame on you Razer on this development fiasco on one side, and communication on the other side. I'm very disappointed.
  6. ittroll

    ittroll New Member

    Thanks for posting the link to the previous discussion. It is quite eye opening to see how many people just want a single colour mode when Synapse is not running. Whilst it might not be true for all models, this is one of the built-in effects on the Huntsman TE. It really wouldn’t be difficult to make this a configurable default option.

    Some of the excuses in that old thread are laughable and don’t address the fact that paying customers just want a simple static colour effect.
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  7. It is a scam. It cost me almost one month and several escalations in the Razer support crew until someone knowingly admitted that lightning effects cannot be saved in the on-board memory.
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  8. xXKieranXx

    xXKieranXx New Member

    I am going to go toss my Black Widow Elite into the Sound and I will never buy another Razer product. This cannot be explained by stupidity because no one would be dumb enough to make a keyboard like this and not let people save basic settings to it. It is Razer wanting to make me run their crappy Synapse software all the time, which has me wondering what it might be doing that I don't know about. And you know it could be done. Just pure evil.
  9. Jamesf2773

    Jamesf2773 New Member

    I have a post regarding the same issue, in the end I just went and bought a different brand keyboard that gives me what I need. I would be happy if I did not have software issues, the software looks great, they keyboard is great. I just cannot get the software to work on a stable basis.
  10. I have some good news I think for people that want to only have a single default setting on your device without using synapse software. Hopefully the below link works but it seems like its sticking to a default white for my huntsman mini by pressing fn + ctrl + 2. This can cycle through solid colors by pressing it multiple times. For other defaults press 1-7.

    posting this to hopefully help the next guy.
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