Looking to disable CTRL/SHIFT/F within Cortex

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by PJGHangouts, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. PJGHangouts

    PJGHangouts New Member

    I use Gamemaker Studio 2 and Find Function is CTRL, Shift and F, it doesn't work, so I used Mircosoft Spy++ and monitored what application was catching CTRL/SHIFT/F and it returned RAZERCORTEX. I'm unable to location a place to turn this off and I'm unable to get to the user manual as it comes up with a webpage saying 'access denied'
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  2. Nancy8975

    Nancy8975 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there, sorry for the trouble. To make CTRL/SHIFT/F available, please run Razer Cortex and go to FPS section under GAME BOOSTER. Then you can change the shortcut keys for FPS display to something else to make CTRL/SHIFT/F available for your other apps.

    Thank you for supporting Razer Cortex.
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  3. PJGHangouts

    PJGHangouts New Member

    Nancy, thank you for your speedy reply, I did that and it fixed the issue.

    Appreciate that.
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  4. smartFallowlink373

    smartFallowlink373 New Member

    Same with standard Find in Visual Studio Code / VSCode.
  5. bestBrassQUARTZ749

    bestBrassQUARTZ749 New Member

    It is really REALLY inconvenient that Razer Cortex automatically "steals" ctrl+shift+f bind from every other software while running, I've lost a lot of time digging after what was blocking me from using this shortcut. Want to use that shortcut as default? Really? If so, try at least to not simply avoid any other software from using it, since it's widely used by programmers in IDEs..
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  6. FishBone0

    FishBone0 New Member

    I agree, Ctrl/shift/F is one of the most used shortcuts, so using that as default without any warning is a terrible idea.
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