Need a New Squad for Season 8

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by Jinn8647, Jul 13, 2021.

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  1. Jinn8647

    Jinn8647 New Member

    Exactly as the title states, I need a new squad. Hoping for a better squad season 8. Some deets to help you know where I'm coming from:

    1) Yes, I'm on Discord (not posting here since this is public and plenty of evil-doers on the internet)
    2) Started doing this since season 6
    3) Total hours in S6 = 52 hours (missing 4 hours were due to the game not racking up hours correctly); total hours in S7 = 56 hours

    Please let me know (via a response to this thread) if your active squad is looking for a new member.

  2. BeyondTheMax

    BeyondTheMax New Member

  3. theno1jester

    theno1jester New Member

    i am wanting to set up a squad but cant see where to register for season 8
  4. Pikek

    Pikek New Member

    how to create a squad?
  5. Xiaolang6886

    Xiaolang6886 New Member

    Now Mobile payment reload for Razer gold why cant use by digi ...?? Before can but now cannot...What problem?
  6. KroniKtheHemphoG

    KroniKtheHemphoG New Member

    I'm looking to join an active squad. I have not done this before, but I can play 4 hours a day. I can't find where to start, or join a squad.
  7. theno1jester

    theno1jester New Member

    i have been trolling through google and forums i still can not find where to create a team there is 3 of us already and wea ll play over the alloted time limit per day i was expecting registration to be open by now...
  8. waterstbutcher

    waterstbutcher New Member

    Hey im also needing a squad, usual shit play 4 hours a day have disc let me know if anyone has a squad I can join
  9. sonic619

    sonic619 New Member

    hey i too looking for a squad
  10. mktigerPL

    mktigerPL Member

    I'm looking for a solid line-up with discord, please PM
  11. piamelie

    piamelie Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a squad too, anyone is free to PM me!
  12. iblinkforu

    iblinkforu New Member

  13. HkHkxD

    HkHkxD New Member

  14. AndyCevilla97

    AndyCevilla97 New Member

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