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Need a New Squad for Season 8

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Exactly as the title states, I need a new squad. Hoping for a better squad season 8. Some deets to help you know where I'm coming from:

1) Yes, I'm on Discord (not posting here since this is public and plenty of evil-doers on the internet)
2) Started doing this since season 6
3) Total hours in S6 = 52 hours (missing 4 hours were due to the game not racking up hours correctly); total hours in S7 = 56 hours

Please let me know (via a response to this thread) if your active squad is looking for a new member.


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I'm looking for a squad as well, I have a discord as well. S7 = 43 hours
i am wanting to set up a squad but cant see where to register for season 8
how to create a squad?
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I'm looking to join an active squad. I have not done this before, but I can play 4 hours a day. I can't find where to start, or join a squad.
i have been trolling through google and forums i still can not find where to create a team there is 3 of us already and wea ll play over the alloted time limit per day i was expecting registration to be open by now...
Hey im also needing a squad, usual shit play 4 hours a day have disc let me know if anyone has a squad I can join
hey i too looking for a squad
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I'm looking for a solid line-up with discord, please PM
I'm looking for a squad too, anyone is free to PM me!
looking for 3 people to join!
looking for 1 more peep to join
Must be full hours if not will be kicked, link below
Will be checking daily