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Peripherals (Mouse/Keyboard) disconnect many times

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by jesseinsf, May 26, 2018.

  1. monasrat1968

    monasrat1968 New Member

    Even when I deleted Synapse 3.0, the issue persisted, just not as often. Since I have moved both keyboard and mouse to direct PC connections, I haven't had a single drop out yet, even with Synapse 3.0 running.
  2. CuTTyFlaM

    CuTTyFlaM New Member

    All right, I'll jump onboard the thread. As I start writing these words, I'm turning off Synapse too for it causes the disconnections.

    I've had issues for so long I'm just shocked so many of you have come here to testify of that. I've tried a lot of basic things to try and figure out what was responsible - hardware or software. Turns out that's software.

    My issues first started two years ago when I got the Chroma Headset stand. I noticed that it would go crazy at times, turning off and on for no reason every now and then - I went as far to ask what the hell was going on to Razer Support. Of course they offered to replace it. I didn't because the charges for sending it back were on me. Fast forward around January I'd say? I decide to plug it again for some reason, reminding myself what happened before. No issues. For some bizarre reason, the device was fine. Everything was smooth and working properly, I thought "yayn issue's fixed forever".

    Turns out, no. I refreshed my Windows about a month ago (today as well a couple of times for something else, relating Philips' Hue app that doesn't work, same thing different to this Razer thing I swear). All my devices are plugged in, of course, and Synapse is automatically proposed to me. I say "Yes, I want my lighting and all that". Not even a minute with the freshly installed Synapse 3 that everything goes crazy again. I can't express how frustrating and painful it is to see this happen on ALL devices - Nari, Mamba, Hunstman, Firefly, and the freaking headset stand. Everything goes OFF every minute or so. I never use this as an argument but it's nervewracking to think that we pay from 80 to 150$ for each products and the software, that seems relatively basic (looking at you too, Hue Sync app), can't work properly and cause such problems! Anyways, I'm just tired of those small proprietary software that don't even do things properly.

    When Synapse's removed, the stand does not even disconnect once. Nothing does, in fact.
    Synapse 3 is killing our devices when it's supposed to unify them working better. Shame.
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  3. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member


    Razer Deathadder Elite and BlackWidow Elite here. First thing I have done was to disable mouse lightning as I don't really need it. When I bought the mouse and installed Synapse 3 it was loosing mouse mat calibration multiple times per day. So I gave up with it. With Synapse 2 and no calibration it worked fine.

    Later I bought the keyboard which is not supported by Synapse 2 unfortunately. With Synapse 3 I used only 10% brightness and static green lightning. The mouse was freezing again.

    Also sometimes I see the same letter typed multiple times like when I press and hold some key while keyboard keys are not stuck pushed down physically. It can also happen with control key - I have seen mouse zoom in and out when scrolling web pages. To fix this I just need to press the key which is affected by this software bug.

    I use Dell Latitude E5450 (Nvidia 830M) with Dell USB 3.0 E-Port Plus Advanced Docking Station Replicator and 130W power supply. Both mouse and keyboard were plugged in to USB 2.0 ports on the left side of the docking station.

    Since nothing worked, I decided to connect USB 3.0 docking station ports to Eizo Flexscan 2455 and 2450 and connect both mouse and keyboard to the 2450. USB 3.0 can deliver 900mA at 5V which is 4,5W instead of 500mA which is 2,5W for USB 2.0 I will let you know the result.
  4. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

    edit@: Mouse got disconnected again. I used 125 Hz pooling rate
  5. monasrat1968

    monasrat1968 New Member

  6. monasrat1968

    monasrat1968 New Member

    Having had all the same symptoms with both keyboard and mouse, can I suggest that you try the following -
    1) delete the drivers for the equipment
    2) restart PC
    3) Reconnect equipment in USB ports on the PC itself, not a USB Hub or Docking station.
    4) Let the computer find and instalkl the drivers.
    5) Reinstall Synapse.

    In my case, the problem was that the computer or the software did't like the mouse or keyboard being connected in anything but a diect PC USB port.
    For months I have been having the mouse and keyboard take turns in disconnecting and reconnecting. Keyboard input behaving as if a key had been held down, mouse pointer jumping to the lower left hand side of my monitor. Have not had a single issue since I connected direct to the PC. I only have 3 USB ports on the PC, and so am having to run my docking station and USB hub through the remaing USB 3 port, but the drives, etc connected to them behave ok.
    Good luck
  7. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

    Without Razer Synapse 3 the issue does not occur.
    People use laptop docking stations to have everything connected with one cable or directly to motherboard like in Dell E type laptops. Also docking stations disable laptop ports
  8. monasrat1968

    monasrat1968 New Member

    Hi. Look, I understand the use of a docking station and/or USB Hubs. I was only passing on my experience. I have tried three different powered docking stations and numerous powered USB Hubs. In each and every case my Blackwiddow Elite keyboard and Deathadder Elite mouse randomly disconnect, with or without Synapse 3 installed. Admittedly it was far worse with Synapse 3 installed. The docking stations I have tried, and am using, are USB 3 ones, they do not disable my laptops USB ports. As I sit here and type this I have a targus docking station plugged into a USB 3 hub, along with a couple of hard drives, which is plugged into one of my computer USB 3 ports. My other computer USB 3 port has my keyboard plugged in, whilst my last computer USB port which is USB 2, has my mouse. This is by no means ideal, I would rather have the hub and docking station plugged to the laptop only, but it works for me, with Synapse 3 running. It was only a suggestion to try. BTW, I am using an Asus Tuf laptop.
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  9. hAtul666

    hAtul666 New Member

    Hi guys.
    same problem here too with the huntsman elite.
    Actually created a post for it:

    I have reviewed comments to this posts and it seems like I tried everything / There is no chance for my keyboard to work properly with windows10+synapse3 (on ubuntu it works great, even through the USB3.0 Hub).
    Considering to return it as long as I have the buyer protection and replace it with a Logitech.
  10. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

    I have not noticed any issues with Deathadder Elite after connecting it to the only one laptop USB port which works when the laptop is connected to docking station.
    BlackWidow Elite does not seem to disconnect when connected to docking station. However it randomly changes volume to +/-2. Since I don't have any other option to try with the laptop, I will wait for new PC and make sure it has as many USB ports as possible.
  11. SameytheHedgie

    SameytheHedgie New Member

    This is such a big problem yet Razer seemingly hasn't even tried to fix it?? wth!

    I had this problem last year and basically gave up on it. I have a Razer Tartarus and a Basilisk Ultimate and they couldn't be plugged into the computer at the same time at all.

    I got fed up with it, gave the mouse to my Dad and got a Logitech g604 instead. It even has more buttons. XP
  12. monasrat1968

    monasrat1968 New Member

    Ah well, keyboard still working great with Synapse 3 installed, but my five month old mouse has died, or at least the scroll wheel has died. Now an expensive figit.I have to wait six to eight weeks for a replacement. Hopefully when it arrives and is connected directly to the laptop, all will still be good.
  13. eligarlo

    eligarlo New Member

    Yesterday I bought a mouse (Razer Basilisk v2 - wired) and keyboard (Razer Ornata Chroma). I've followed all the different steps people said in this forum + some YouTube videos and the only one that worked well (cross fingers) is having connected both USBs directly to my laptop (I was using a hub).

    But, this is not what I want. I have another laptop (from work) that I need to plug and unplug the USBs every time I'm working, finish working (that's why I have the hub).

    I wanted to share what it "worked" for me. Still, I'm not happy, I should be able to connect my peripherals through a USB hub.
  14. monasrat1968

    monasrat1968 New Member

    Glad to hear it worked for you. Agree that we should be able to use the peripherals with a hub or docking station. For one its bad news for Razer, I cannot purchase any other Razer equipment, because I have no other spare direct USB ports.
    Razer should really be looking to fix this.
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  15. SameytheHedgie

    SameytheHedgie New Member

    Yeah Razer products don't seem to like being in a usb hub at all. :/
    I bit ago I managed to find a usb-c port in my computer (it was on a side that was really hard for me to see so thats why I didn't know about it earlier) and got a usb hub for that.

    Now that I have 2 open usb ports I could have both the tartarus and basilisk in my computer at the same time, but as I said in a earlier post, I'd already given the basilisk to my Dad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  16. TheSeerion

    TheSeerion New Member

    How is it that Razer support is so bad that they won't even comment on this issue? It has been YEARS since this was first reported but they've done absolutely nothing about it. It is pitiful. Picked up a Naga Pro to replace Naga Chroma that was dying, and now I am forced in to using Synapse 3. At this point I am about done with this crap. Razer is way too big of a company to be this cheap about fixing issues that THEIR SOFTWARE causes. I will most likely be returning this mouse as it is basically unusable due to having to use Synapse 3 for it. Can anyone suggest a good mouse / keyboard setup from another brand? Still looking to have 12ish buttons on the mouse as I mostly play WoW and need the bind space.
  17. SameytheHedgie

    SameytheHedgie New Member

    The Logitech G604 I'm using has around 10 buttons and I haven't had any problems with their products in general. Might be worth checking out. :)
  18. jacmiszcz92

    jacmiszcz92 New Member

    Try to use RDP to connect from one computer to another
  19. PooDerZucker97

    PooDerZucker97 New Member

    Hi, I had the same issue as many of you. For me it got fixed by updating the BIOS of my gigabyte mainboard.
    Maybe this can help anybody else.
  20. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member

    To confirm if something is really wrong on either software or hardware, try connecting to a different PC

    Try installing Synapse to a different PC and connect RAZER device, that way it can sort of help narrow down hardware of software failure
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