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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jenjar, Apr 10, 2019.

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  1. IsThisTheKrustyKrab

    IsThisTheKrustyKrab New Member

    I think my favorite fps shooter would have to be between Destiny and CSGO probably because I met most of my closest online friends and we still play today. In a close third it would have to be overwatch because I met my girlfriend on it and we are still together today and are due to get married in a couple months. Good luck everyone
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  2. NervousScarab

    NervousScarab New Member

    My favorite is Paladins,I recently started playing it this year, and I just can't put it down! I waited for crossplay, and when that came, I played it even more, because I could finally play it with my friends.
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  3. BlackReaperr7

    BlackReaperr7 New Member

    My current favorite FPS game is Apex Legends
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  4. DigitalImp

    DigitalImp New Member

    Borderlands. Single or co-operative play, interesting story, oddball comedy and an almost endless supply of weapons, randomly generated so you're never sure what you're going to get.
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  5. Sifeon

    Sifeon New Member

    I absolutely love destiny 2 combat system
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  6. Sioxxee

    Sioxxee New Member

    Destiny 2. I have played since release on both console and PC and its one of the only fps games i can play without getting motion sickness xD!!
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  7. DARKKi

    DARKKi Active Member

    The Division 2 at the moment i would say
  8. qbapll

    qbapll New Member

    My fav FPS game is CSGO because I'm not bored and I can play with my friends
  9. ivanloh96

    ivanloh96 New Member

    LFD2 for life :)
  10. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I might be the only one but my favorite FPS was Unreal Tournament II.
    I miss the BFG 10K so much.
  11. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    For quite some time i love play Oveerwatch with my friends it's casual play bit we have so mouch fun in this game fanny characters, difrent comps, interesting people from draft etc some time you can meet some one that is very interesting and make a new friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  12. bisti

    bisti New Member

    Playing PUBG with a Basilisk v1 already. What a feeling ! :D
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  13. diamondgamer216

    diamondgamer216 New Member

    My favorite FPS game that i've played is either paladins or Destiny 2. The loves these games because of how fun and unique the games mechanics are. Also how amazing the game looks graphic wise
  14. Holdyn

    Holdyn New Member

    I gotta take it easy back still one of the best FPS I've ever played and there have been tons over nearly every game system known to man... but still top of my list is Quake. Not up to today's graphics and really zero story line but man it was fun. I feel older and older everyday,
  15. Stanull

    Stanull Well-Known Member

    I grew up with Quake Arena and Counter Strike! Those were my times =)
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  16. pan0phobik

    pan0phobik Member

    My favorite FPS is Doom 2016. Original Doom was my first big love on PC gaming way back when 'shareware' was still a common term. I played just the shareware of the original doom for a LONG time as a kid and had so much fun. Doom 2016 is one of the rare occasions when something is done justice when it's revived. It's just such an incredibly pleasant FPS to play through. The sequel is going to be phenomenal.
  17. T2Pronto

    T2Pronto Member

    My favorite FPS game is Tom Clancy's The Division. It is a fun open world game with an interesting concept. It is engaging and entertaining and any player can have access to all abilities and tailor class role.

    The role playing mechanics allows me to tailor my play-style in various ways, making the statistical hunt all the more satisfying. Whether I am chasing fire-power, medical skill or technical prowess, The Division's spread of stats and modifiers makes loot incredibly rewarding, particularly when I can see the immediate effects it can have on my damage and healing numbers.

    The game is littered with tiny details, finer nuances and life-like NPC interactions that are a joy to discover. Gorgeous graphics, day and night cycles and dramatic weather effects give new life to areas I had previously traversed. :smile_::mad_::rolleyes:The Razer Basilisk would be a wonderful companion on this journey :cool_::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_::big_grin_:
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  18. RedSherpa

    RedSherpa New Member

    My favorite FPS is Apex Legends. I played Fortnite from Season 3, but Apex has much better graphics. I also love that different legends can get different powers. Also, it isn't a pay to win type of game, so that is an added bonus!
  19. Datrat

    Datrat Well-Known Member

    CSGO. The competitive scene is really cool to be a part of, and the community is pretty nice to me.
  20. LCSTUFF243

    LCSTUFF243 New Member

    CS:GO all the way!
    The fallout franchise comes in a close second, although that I'm not sure if it counts because you can alternate between 1st and 3rd person.
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