Razer Blade Advanced 240hz 2070 MaxQ Graphics - Black Screen Sporadically

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by kydcoco, Nov 13, 2019.


Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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  1. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    Sorry to hear @kydcoco . Knowing it takes so long makes me reluctant to send my computer there, since I need it for work too. So sad to see Razer taking so long with the repairs AND finding a fix to this problem.

    @fgkris I tried with Windows 1909 and the problem persists, when you wake the computer up from sleep. Maybe it worked for you since the computer was restarted for the Windows update, so it hadn't gone to sleep yet?
  2. U-Type

    U-Type New Member

    Hey all, I may have found a solution here. I've been having the same issue with my Razer Blade 15, 2019 Advanced, 2070 Max Q. Spent a few hours trying to fix this problem and I've come upon a setting in Intel Graphics Control Panel that has (so far) fixed the issue.

    Possible Solution:
    It seems as though Enabling the "Panel Self-Refresh" in Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel will fix the issue.
    It's found under the POWER section. Make sure to set it for all Graphics Plans, as well as both "Battery" and "Plugged In".

    Panel Refresh.PNG

    Let me know if this fixes it for you guys/doesn't fix it. We need more samples here!

    Edit: Formatting
  3. Jycles

    Jycles New Member

    I’m having the same issue. Funny thing though; it wakes up immediately when i connect it tonan external monitor.
  4. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    @U-Type thanks for sharing! Mine were already set as enable and I keep getting the issue sadly :slightly_sad:
    Is it still working for you even after you let the computer go to sleep and wakes it up?
  5. U-Type

    U-Type New Member

    It does still happen unfortunately, celebrated too early :slightly_sad:. But it does seem to reduce the chances of the issue happening
  6. bishop26

    bishop26 New Member

    @U-Type So I tried one setting in the Intel app, which was disabling the "Display Power Saving Technology" in the "On Battery" section of the "Power" panel. I also disabled adaptive brightness in the registry and in Services (all steps can be found on Google!).

    The display doesn't go black *as often* as it used to on this machine now.

    I just posted in another thread - I've had four of these so far :frown_:. Let me know if that helps a bit!
  7. yunpeng.du

    yunpeng.du New Member

    Hey guys, I had the same issue with my Advanced 240hz 2070 MaxQ since last Aug when I bought it from US. Then I found this forum and knew it was widely discussed. It was not that annoying because it seemed a reboot can make the black screen gone or less frequent, while a sleep/wake likely makes it worse. Another thing I found, when I used my graphic say a live stream media webpage, or lunch games, it rarely or never happens. That's how I believed the cause is related to GPU and graphic drivers. Intel and Nvidia must co-work together and switch.

    Until recently it happens every several minutes until reboot, really unbearable, since I have to work from home for now...
    So I started upgrading my GPU driver. There is an Nvidia icon at my taskbar. I right clicked and lunch Nvidia GeForce Experience It allows me to update my graphic driver to version: 442.19 Release date: 02/03/2020. Without a reboot (although I thought I had to), I think I have been smoothly using my desktop for 6 hours without seeing a black screen.

    I just want to post here first and then reboot. Because reboot may make the issue less frequent so I won't be able to tell if it works. Encourage you to try it and post here if that really helps.

    BTW. I also kept my other drivers up to date, using Intel Driver & Support Assistant but it doesn't cover Nvidia driver well. I suppose Nvidia website also provides generic driver, but I technically prefer using the out of box tools first.

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2020
  8. bishop26

    bishop26 New Member

    Hey, everyone!

    So I wanted to check in because I've gone a couple months BSOD and black screen free! I think I spoke about vt-D last time I posted but tinkering with that wasn't really a solution. Wanted to run down a few things that I've changed since. Hopefully it works for some of you!

    1. So the first thing that made a really big difference is turning off Adaptive Brightness. Ever since I turned it off via settings and registry, no black screen had happened to me. There are different resources online about turning this feature off, so I won't go too much into it. But I will say that turning it off in settings, registry, and Windows Services is super key.

    2. Sleep vs. Hibernation - I had to get used to the differences in Sleep functions between using a Windows laptop and MacBook (what I had transitioned from). Sleep on a Windows laptop is really meant for short breaks away from your laptop and your Blade will still turn on on its own, where as Windows Hibernation is the OSX version of Sleep. I also noticed that most of the BSODs that I got were booting up after an extended amount of time in Sleep. I've set my power button to Hibernate and lid to sleep, adhering to Hibernation when I transport my laptop or go to bed.

    3. Rolling back to factory default drivers - my interaction with Razer troubleshooting has been with the Reddit team and they recommended rolling back to the original drivers from my Blade. Along with turning off Adaptive Brightness, this rollback coincides with not having had BSODs/black screens since. I'm probably going to be more cognizant about my driver updates when I have to do one in the future.

    4. I'd hate to say this last part - but I did have the benefit of a holiday return policy that went from November til end of January. If none of these steps or other troubleshooting steps don't work while you're in a return policy, you should take advantage of it and find working hardware. I really wanted to push through and make this work bc I needed the power, thermals, and connectivity for VR projects in a easy-to-transport shell when I fly.

    Anyway, sorry to get long-winded. I'm trying to think of anything else that might've helped me, but black screen free babyyyyyyyy OH YEAH!
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  9. yunpeng.du

    yunpeng.du New Member

    I appreciate we share ideas here frankly. It's just I am using different approaches based on my experience and understanding. First, the product we use are not meant to design for geeks, even we enjoy the fact Blade 15 is just for us :) ; even so, the OS, the driver, applications are not. So I won't change any default registry or services unless absolutely necessary plus understand what it does. BTW. I work as a Windows engineer job so I know what they are and handle them on workday daily basis.
    Sleep and hibernation. Those behavior of OS has been changed over years and continue to change via Win10 upgrade (twice a year). So I just do as non-geek style as I can. Won't check how exactly they work, unless I have to some day.
    Rolling back... Even the driver specifically for one device is back, the OS is not the same especially with OS upgrade, the other system file are not the same with monthly security patches. So I trust the developers of those always fix things in the next release. To troubleshoot a BSOD issue, there are documentations you can follow, starting with bugcheck code, then debugging tools. It surely takes time and takes effort to learn. But if testing and switching, rolling back things will take more time and effort, I rather learn knowledge and fix in a direct way. A BSOD is not black screen that's for sure.
    Last, hey I am glad the issue has gone on your device! Whatever I believe differently. I just hope the other changing factors, like patches, OS upgrade stuff won't cause any issue with older drivers. I personally only update to latest versions, if not participating some beta/dogfood/insider preview program. And it's has been working well for me, too.

    Oh I did notice my black screen issue was different from the beginning. Last Aug, when it black screen, the screen won't respond to any of my laptop keyboard or mouse (wireless). Recently, I mean until yesterday, the black screen suddenly came back when I type on wireless keyboard or move my wireless mouse. So the behavior changed. I rebooted my laptop last night after upgrading Nvidia driver. So I need to test more to find out if it still has black screen after sleep, which can be worked around with a reboot.
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  10. yunpeng.du

    yunpeng.du New Member

    A follow up of my test during the week. I have been working with the laptop everyday, no reboot, only sleep/wake. There are several occasions especially first munities starting, the screen quickly went black and recovered, like a blink. Remember the first time had this black screen the symptom is very different (initially was black and never came back until sleep/wake with power button; before Nvidia update it was more black/recover and couldn't stop until reboot). It typically happened one or two black/recover every time, then never happened, or I should be annoyed and reboot. So I am NOT 100% convinced the issue is gone but I do see it's much much improved. In the last two days, I also updated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers.

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2020
  11. Kidona

    Kidona New Member

    I'm also having the same issue with 15" mid 2019 2080 going to a black screen. All readings indicate it's the Intel Graphics card that is the issue.

    I've currently downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Intel's website. In order to install it you need to turn off the internet and go to device manager and uninstall the intel UHD 630 device under display adapters then reboot your machine. Once rebooted you can run the installer and it should install without error.

    Still testing so fingers crossed the latest driver gets rid of the flickering to black. Maybe others can test as well and see how it goes with the new intel drivers.

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  12. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing your workaround on this thread.

    Hey everyone! Feel free to send me a PM should you need assistance.
  13. lucaslayf

    lucaslayf New Member

    Has anyone found a long term solution for this problem?
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