Razer Huntsman Elite local profiles not saving to keyboard

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by flowhitEcru014, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. gdpr.yeah

    gdpr.yeah New Member

    I am afraid few people will find my solution helpful. I essentially patched openrazer to support this keyboard. Openrazer is a linux driver for razer keyboards. I also contributed the patch, but it has not yet made it into the released version of openrazer.
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  2. gdpr.yeah

    gdpr.yeah New Member

    So the Huntsman Elite is not a Synapse 3 exclusive product?

    Because it DOES have more on-board effects than Spectrum Cycling. For instance I can activate starlight or static (not using Synapse of course) and both continue working across boot cycles and even when I am in boot menu or BIOS. (So no software is running.) The other effects probably work to as they are activated exactly the same way, I just haven't tested them.

    My keyboard has firmware v1.3. Please check your sources before stating again that it does not have these effects.
  3. fatz99

    fatz99 New Member

    LOL i know the feeling, got my Blackwidow Elite as a gift for XMAS (from my wife) and dont want to return it for fear of upsetting her.

    Couldn't give a damn about the macros!

    WISHBEAR New Member

    So far, my new devices have relieved my concerns. Which leaves me disappointed with Razer. I have been a fan of Razer since I had picked up a Deathstalker (which I later upgraded to a Deathstalker Chroma).

    Now, my lighting settings are persistent across all computers that I use, and I can use my keyboard, mouse, and Balteus (lighted mouse pad) on my corporate laptop without having to install any software.

    Well, its been a good run, but I think its best that we see other people. Hopefully we can still be friends. Don't worry, you will be fine, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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  5. elmz87

    elmz87 New Member

    where is the Razer technical team?
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  6. DRC94R

    DRC94R New Member

    Same issue here, very disappointing. Thinking of returning it...
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  7. redrbrt

    redrbrt Member

    Let me clarify the razer team explanation:

    For those Hybrid-Memory keyboards the decistion (after several months discusts) is you must store the most important aspects such as macros and other engine algorithms, and giving the lighting less priority, thinking this as a sample:
    For the 100% hybrid memory:
    95% is for engine algorithms.
    5% is for default cycling spectrum color.

    I understand the complexity lighting effects such starlight, fire, and more coming effects in fact it's imposible allow to store on that 5% piece of memory, so you must run synapse 3;
    but this 5% is enough to store simple effects similar to cycling spectrum, like rainbow, breathing, reactive, ripple or the most basic static color.

    And are you telling us (customers in some cases who paid a $199 keyboard) that we are not allowed to change/modify/select that 5% color on hybrid-memory?
    This would be a powerfull feature that is claimed by users, pretty sure a big percentage of razer keyboards owners don't look up the forums for this issue.

    I hope razer take actions and unlock this feature in some short synapse update, this would be the best and correct solution for the users (and razer) software interests.
    (like for +1 vote)
  8. elmz87

    elmz87 New Member

    No technical personnel from razer is replying here. Why is it so hard to get it done
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  9. Calipark

    Calipark New Member

    I appreciate your honestly and understand your predicament.


    I do not like default breathing profile. At the very least let us set the keyboard to a static color instead of breathing. At least on the Huntsman / future keyboards.

    I use the keyboard at work because I enjoy the typing experience. We are not allowed to install Synapse 3 due to the presence of the Softminer. I know it's an optional install but our IT none-the-less refuses to install it for obvious reasons (once Synapse is installed there's nothing stopping people from installing the softminer on work machines).

    I know we're a small minority, and I know it's not a trivial ask. But it has to be possible to let us just set a static color. Not to mention the advertising is misleading and fails to mention the on-board memory only extends to Macros.

    Just an all around bummer and the absence of this compromise will definitely keep me away from Razer products in the future. I'll also be advising friends, family, and co-workers to avoid them as well. It's a bad look for a "premium hardware" company.
  10. After reading, ALL of the posts related to this thread - I am VERY disappointed. The advertising is clearly misleading in the seeming claim that multiple profiles are saved on-board and they can go with you from computer to computer. Not the case. If done right: a color or macro profile is developed - hybrid I suppose - then that is saved to the local memory of the device - then the OS would not matter. Linux or Mac or Windows - if I press a macro command then I should be able to have a sequence such as ":RMarkdown pdf" be typed out. NOPE, not the case with the Razer product Huntsman. I should be able to select a developed color scheme and have it work seamlessly. NOPE. I get a - sometimes the color scheme is correct and sometimes it just won't connect to the synapse program so I have to do a restart of program or computer.... the overhead in time and stress is ridiculous. This seems like an eco-system control money grab that was completely influenced by the bloated MBAs in the company rather than passionate tech gurus that just want to make a killer product. The quality of the product is because of the gurus. MBA folks, you are ruining the product for the rest of us. If MY assessment is wrong, then maybe in a few years your product will be back on track and I can entertain using the best hardware for my work. However, at this point I am going back to the store to get a competitor's keyboard. If their advertising is also misleading- then I will try another keyboard. Until I find the keyboard/tool that gets the job done, is reliable, and is awesome overall. Your are on the right track with the HUNTSMAN, but you have missed the bar big time with the portability of your hardware. If you are going to be awesome, then be awesome; provide an awesome product. If you are going to continue to mess with your customers and refuse to listen because you "THOUGHT" you were listening - perhaps I can start the company that will be your successor (FkRAZER) because there is clearly going to be a gap in the field. AGAIN: You killed it with awesome mechanics and awesome concepts, but your inability to implement a minimum level of OS agnostic onboard memory customization has left me feeling ripped off; you LIED in your advertising. I do sincerely hope you get the message. I am taking my money back and look forward to you or someone else getting it RIGHT for gamers and professionals. Also, FYI, your software overhead (Synapse having to be one and pinging the keyboard etc) does interfere with games and professional uses - this ruins the experience for your users and makes the keyboard un-usable for some professionals. Please do it right and stop trying to rip out money with your cloud and software ecosystem. No one likes your software. We like your hardware. We aren't going to like your software interfering or being an overhead to your hardware. Please. Just provide awesome hardware. Let the software be some sort of optional. Please. I have read your excuse regarding the on-board macros - not sufficient excuse - WEAK. I truly look forward to trying again with your hardware in a few years. I am sad because I really had high hopes and now I have to go waste my time looking through otherwise inferior products. DEPRESSING. *sigh* :<(
  11. HeyChew

    HeyChew New Member

    I know for a fact that you cannot please everyone. The closest you can get is give the users so many options that they can seriously mess things up, or it takes a few weeks to learn what all the settings can do.
    I love complicated things personally, but it has been proven time and time again that common sense is not always common. In other words: The more options you give your customers, the more complaints you get back.

    I am part of the group that just wants to be able to change the default lighting on the Huntsman to something more work appropriate.

    May I suggest a third option: Advanced user setup. Let us super picky people absolve Razer from our own problems we create, and give us the option to modify the onboard default settings.
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  12. Casval_Rem_Deikun

    Casval_Rem_Deikun New Member

    Yup, dragged ,my profile onto one of the memory slots. Still doesnt work after turning off Synapse. There isnt a save button for any changes you made in the software and sometimes i found the settings is still in the previous stage when I reopen the software...
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  13. nexusBazaarfast369

    nexusBazaarfast369 New Member

    I've just bought a Razer Turret for Xbox One (for use with Windows 10), and I'm pretty frustrated about the scenario discussed in this thread. Spectrum Cycling is not somethjing I would ever want to use, and having it enabled makes me feel like a tasteless teenager. A static colour would be a far more sensible default choice.

    The only thing I can do to get around it is to switch off lighting entirely, and trying to use this keyboard with no backlight is tough.
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