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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. OmarGaming

    OmarGaming New Member

    Alright, I love Razer!
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  2. faizi255

    faizi255 New Member

    My order was failed but money taken from my debit card, what i should do now plz help me ?
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  3. imDope096

    imDope096 New Member

    count me in thanks a lot
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  4. falomari95

    falomari95 Member

    Sad to see that apparently I’ve earned achievements that would reward a good amount of Razer Silver but I didnt claim them so they expired :/
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    WHTZMBE Member

    I'll do my best to spread knowledge and good cheer.
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  6. 133576

    133576 New Member

    i mean i agree
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  7. Aymendagh

    Aymendagh New Member

    it's cool
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  8. MathiasNL

    MathiasNL New Member

    Great update razer allways have cool things to do and say
  9. Caeltrocity

    Caeltrocity New Member

    Let the games begin! :cool_:
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    RSB_PHANTOM New Member

    Custom build:
    AMD Ryzen 7
    Radeon RX 570 Series
    AMD Processor
    Anarchy 16GB RAM x2
    MSI Motherboard
    Windows 10
    Razer Cynosa Chroma
    Razer Deathadder Elite
    Samsung curved monitor (27 inch, 60 Hertz refresh rate), have plans on upgrading to LG Curved UltraWide (144 Hertz refresh rate, 34 inch)
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  11. Freesky76

    Freesky76 New Member

    I have no idea Razer was so active in the gaming industry except of course the hardware business. The Razer gold and silver currency is such a great idea. No wonder Razer can apply for digital bank license. I am in to support a home grown company and all the more, a gaming company.
    GG Razer!
  12. neung978

    neung978 New Member

  13. Naress

    Naress New Member

    Just see this post for the very first time. I wish I would have been created when I started here, but no complainings cause it is very useful even when you have been in Razer insider for a year. It's a very great job from the razer staff!!
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  14. how do i get razer gold coins
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  15. neung978

    neung978 New Member

    Hello everyone, glad to be part of this place.
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  16. how are you guys
  17. GameNiteYT

    GameNiteYT New Member

    Notice My Elemental Mouse. Its The Razer Element. Largest On The Sheet Of Elements. But Smallest On The Scale. Razer silver is an element. A Precious Commodity. To Be Taken As A Diamond Ring Would Be Taken. Jackpots, Likes And, Achievements Alike, This Poem May Shed Some Light (On the fact that i really just want all the achievements...) #RazerGang #DieHardGamer.
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  18. Colburn15

    Colburn15 New Member

    Is it really that easy to earn Razer silver?
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  19. Trixtery

    Trixtery New Member

    Inspiring. Brand new here, but always been a big fan of a Razer.

    and you know that because Dedakes said that if I post a great comment, of course I post something that will complement him, and make 13 year old boys say "that's deep."
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