Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Trixtery

    Trixtery New Member

    Inspiring. Brand new here, but always been a big fan of a Razer.

    and you know that because Dedakes said that if I post a great comment, of course I post something that will complement him, and make 13 year old boys say "that's deep."
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  2. brarife

    brarife New Member

    yes i agree they should do that
  3. Funkynatok

    Funkynatok New Member

    Nice one good to hear that tho
  4. Noah9904

    Noah9904 New Member

    This is a great system. Reward people for supporting you. Great.
  5. zHydraV

    zHydraV New Member

    Alright this sounds like good news for everyone!
  6. roody4ever

    roody4ever Member

    Just yesterday some Apple fanguys approached me in uni because I have spend "way to much" for a laptop. LOL
  7. Joneharoi

    Joneharoi New Member

    Hello. I play game Apex Legends
  8. DaHotDawg

    DaHotDawg New Member

    henlo i came here to get my razer silver
  9. DaHotDawg

    DaHotDawg New Member

    how do i get razer silver on this
  10. JonsGhost

    JonsGhost New Member

    I appreciate the silvers i've earned so far, I hope there are more areas in which I can actively communicate with RAZER and keep recieving silvers or even Gold! :)
  11. 558484

    558484 New Member

    nice work!!!! and good job
  12. YT_Got_Tobeme

    YT_Got_Tobeme New Member

    This reply deserves some Razer Silver. ;)
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  13. SaMyOb

    SaMyOb New Member

    Buen trabajo
  14. BadBBilly

    BadBBilly New Member

    That's a plan, Sounds great, Count me in.
    Great one Razer.
  15. YT_Got_Tobeme

    YT_Got_Tobeme New Member

    i need likes for razer silver plz like.
  16. YT_Got_Tobeme

    YT_Got_Tobeme New Member

    how do i redeem my stuff from razer silver??????????????????????/
  17. Johnstar1017

    Johnstar1017 New Member

    Hope do you enter these sweepstakes I've seen you talking about?!?! o_O
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  18. Johnstar1017

    Johnstar1017 New Member

    And also can anyone help me out my Razer phone so stones doesn't charge properly and it's kinda scarying me . I plus itin and it will sound off sayi hits connected and charging then I'd hear it sound off again flickering between charging and not charging. Happens maybe 3 time everytime I begin to charge my phone when it's low battery any help or anyone seen this before let me know please !!
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  19. MrCappuchino

    MrCappuchino New Member

    Thats a great idea.
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  20. 139912

    139912 New Member

    how can I post a comment?

    Contributions are not guaranteed to net rewards and begging is strictly prohibited. House Rules apply.[/QUOTE]
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