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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Darkraihs

    Darkraihs Active Member

    yay, free razer stuff? Count me in! My brother is always asking me why i like razer so much lol.
  2. diamondshot2

    diamondshot2 New Member

    I am a dog bc im cute thats it
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  3. evertdgreat

    evertdgreat New Member

    This is the only forum that have rewards, good job Razer!!!
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  4. Maximusisback

    Maximusisback Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Great signature hahah ;)
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  5. DrizztD0

    DrizztD0 New Member

    ye ye ye!!
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  6. Fretfulcorgi

    Fretfulcorgi New Member

  7. itsmonika

    itsmonika New Member

    This is a big issue that people face who are gamer and looking for updates. I am happy to visit this site where I found this latest update.

    HAZUNDO New Member

    Contributions are not guaranteed to net rewards and begging is strictly prohibited. House Rules apply.[/QUOTE]
    great update
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  9. DaGe_iRonikz

    DaGe_iRonikz New Member

    Sweet cant wait to start earning and meeting new people on here so we can play some games together get some wins on Warzone jk but yeah cant wait if anyone wants to play some COD lmk im always down for some COD
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  10. Itsmoonlord

    Itsmoonlord New Member

    hey you yes YOU can you help a homie im trying to get 43000 silver and im on 1920 a like would really help k thanks

    btww you have big PP
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  11. ShibaPlayz

    ShibaPlayz New Member

    Good work razer. As long as you are constantly listening to the community there is no doubt that you are able to put out plenty of amazing products and ideas which will help you grow your gaming empire.

    keep it up!
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  12. ShibaPlayz

    ShibaPlayz New Member

    gotcha fam
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  13. Bacon_laken193

    Bacon_laken193 New Member

    im doing this for silver
  14. ShibaPlayz

    ShibaPlayz New Member

    Who isnt... more than half of us are just trying to earn a quick buck.
  15. Darkraihs

    Darkraihs Active Member

    This is a late comment and no one will probably read this, but I love razer! So much RGB and the best cool trailer videos on YouTube! Even those April fools videos look very well edited and stuff. I wish there were random days when razer would give random active community members some silver lol. Idk if that already even happens XD.
  16. Darkraihs

    Darkraihs Active Member

    Yes I would LOVE that
  17. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    This thread is now officially a year old! :eek_:
  18. BradlyAUS

    BradlyAUS New Member

    let the grind for silver begin
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  19. Benjo5262

    Benjo5262 New Member

    Awesome Ta=hanks
  20. aceunion350

    aceunion350 New Member

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