Razer Synapse 2 not opening

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by blackyboy2017, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. blackyboy2017

    blackyboy2017 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Today I've updated Razer Synapse 2, and it doesn't open anymore. When I close it, and again run it then it shows the notification of syncing settings, but it still doesn't open. I have tried reinstalling and everything. Even tried on other PC and it happens the same thing. Any solution?
    I cleaned all folders with Ccleaner before reinstalling.
    Under Programs And Features only option unistalling is working. Changing or repair throws an error of not founding . msi installer. It never happened before any of these things..
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  2. TheEclecticGeek

    TheEclecticGeek New Member

    I have the same issue. The app won't open, upgrade, or uninstall. I noticed this started happening after the app tried to update and evidently failed, as the update process ran for 2+ hours and eventually stopped when I had to shut down.
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  3. blackyboy2017

    blackyboy2017 New Member

    I can unistall through Programs and Features.. but it doesn't open. From this new update I think it's I can not open and nothing.. and also on the other laptop is same not working, which can not be coincidence..
  4. wedge3000

    wedge3000 New Member

    Just downloaded Synapse2 after buying a new pad and same problem. I see the icon but when I go to open it, nothing happens. Saved the file to my computer and installed it as an administrator and then ran the program as an administrator. Still nothing. When was the last update and can we download an earlier version of the program.
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  5. blackyboy2017

    blackyboy2017 New Member

    I've tried to install previous version, but as I install, it starts downloading and updating the new update. So I was still at the same problem.. I've reached support team of Razer but I am still waiting for a good answer and maybe solution.
  6. 571989

    571989 New Member

    got the same problem it just dont wanne work.
    is there any solution?
  7. blackyboy2017

    blackyboy2017 New Member

    I've tried everything they suggested.. so no.. at least I don't have solution yet.. I hope Razer will have soon..
  8. mcmahon48

    mcmahon48 New Member

    That means we have to wait 3 weeks for them to find and fix the bug which i think is due to the windows 10 update that was just released
  9. blackyboy2017

    blackyboy2017 New Member

    yeah.. or maybe more than 3 weeks. My headphones sound really suck without this program.

    I am having 1809 build still. My boyfriend tried on his PC which has 1903 build, and it does the same thing. We tried on 5 different PCs and the program didn't open on single one of them. So I really don't know, what could the problem be..
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