Razer Tartarus V2 controller D-pad sticking / glitch

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by cpoChiD, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Neco2510

    Neco2510 Member

    This is the kind of stuff razer should be begging for to help solve the issue instead of burying their heads in the sand and saying "blow under the keys, pm me, locking thread"
  2. bizBarnRedsource043

    bizBarnRedsource043 New Member

    I was really looking into buying Tartarus but this thread disgusts me. Stucking of keys is really a serious issue for such expensive product marketed towards gamers.
  3. Seegeth

    Seegeth Member

    I'm sorry, I got a bit lost, did the "Hid Compliant Game Controller" solution help you all or not?
  4. Texxaco

    Texxaco New Member

    TL;DR: There will be no changes, till this problem is mentioned in the main (hardware) media with a title like 'Razer faces random stucking key problems for over a year'. So, swarm out. Inform your local media about this mess.

    Let’s point out some facts, guys. Cause in my opinion this rules out a lot of theorys on how to fix this without the support of Razer. First fact: We are facing a problem specific with the key_up-Event that - more or less randomly - is missing or got lost. This leads to the noticing of stucking keys. Second fact is, they are obviously physically not stucking. As alexxedo in post #364 pointed out, the key_up frame is already missing on USB level. I'll take this as fact three. Another - interesting but maybe overseen - point from him is the fact that the communication changes when Synapse is started (go back and read his post again!). And this makes even more sense, as we already knowing, that the behavior goes away, when we close Synapse (fact four).

    What does fact four mean? Why does the behavior change? And what does this mean? Well, as background knowledge you must know that USB-2 has (to simplify it) two modes: Slow and Fast. Slow is usually enough speed for a typical keyboard. When Synapse is not open our Tartarus' stay in this default mode acting as a (kind of) normal keyboard. So why the change when Synapse is started? In my opinion is has mainly to do with latency. Fast mode has (for this kind of application) a lot less latency. (Latency = The time between when a key is pressed physically and when the computer is notified about that.) Using Fast-Mode lowers the latency on this part by the factor of 10 or so, making you feel the input as 'more direct'. (Which is also the selling point of the Tartarus Pro: again lower latency.) So using ReWASP or making the Tartarus as 'default HID device' (HID = Human Input Device) lets you not only loose the lighting but also the latency decrease.

    So, where could be the root cause of this problem. Is it in the Tartarus firmware? Or a Driver/Synapse-Problem? Or could it even be a hardware combo problem, that it is specific to the USB-Port you are using? The last theory - in my opinion - can be ruled out for the most of us. It can be true that this is true for a tiny minority, but not for the most of us. The problem of the missing key_up event is waaaaay to specific for that. Or does a majority notifies missing key press events (you press a key and nothing happens)? In my case it is >always<, without any miss, key_up/stuck key. So problem must be in the firmware or the driver? And I would guess - based of alexxedo findings - that it is the firmware. Which leads me to 'Why does Razer doesn't fix it'? Well, usually you do not code a firmware – line by line - from scratch. You use librarys from your chip supplier. Razer is not a chip company, they pretty sure using librarys. And if there is a >hard to replicate< bug in a library, you must put a lot of effort in convincing your supplier to fix it. You, by yourself, couldn't do this, because you have no access to the library code.

    So, is this good? No. And there will be no changes, till this problem is mentioned in the main (hardware) media with a title like 'Razer faces random stucking key problems for over a year'. So, swarm out. Inform your local media about this mess. Then - and only then - there is maybe enough pressure that this problem is getting fixed.
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  5. Seegeth

    Seegeth Member

    Strange thing, I started my computer normally today, as always, after logging into windows, the synpase 3 installer popped up.
    I turned it off and went back to work.
    In the evening, I uninstalled reWASD and installed Synapse 3.
    I don't know if my keypad has broken or if it has been updated, but my scroll has stopped working.
    But after 2.5 hours of game, no problems (no sticking keys).
    Maybe it's a coincidence that my Tartarus Pro broke down (scroll) and Synapse worked normally for 2.5 hours.

    P.S. All HID drivers are enabled.
    I've reinstalled Synapse twice, my scroll still doesn't work.
  6. d1kk3

    d1kk3 New Member

    Seems to not fix the issue for me.
  7. Seegeth

    Seegeth Member

    Looks like the scroll wheel has broken.
    Tartarus is still sticking up.
    I am going back to reWASD.
  8. Zilz2

    Zilz2 New Member

    Don't waste your money!
  9. IVoidWarrenties

    IVoidWarrenties New Member

    OK here is my Theory on this... we are missig the keyUp events due to interference.

    What points would support it?
    - The USB connection behaves differently when Synapse is started, which could be because it increases the Bandwidth the Keyboard is communicating to reduce latency.
    - We know that higher bandwidth requires better quality cables. I Have some First hand expirience with bad HDMI cables that were not up to the spec causing Frame dropping and flickering.
    - I had problems with the Tartarus Pro like every 1-2 hours. My tatarus pro was cable-managed together close to my pc's power cable. Then i tried the Taratus V2 with cable just thrown off the desk and it worked. Then i switched back with the Pro with the same cable route as the v2 had and its working for 2 days now.
    - Razer has hard time reproducing it - which could be because of the nature of interferrence that is very specific to the gaming setup.
    - Razer points out to not use switches and USB extenders and use the USB ports on the back of the PC. The whole reason behind this is to get a as-clean-as-possible communication channel between the keyboard and the PC.
    - After RMA with new hardware, the problems seems to stay (because the cable type and route is the same).
    - The Problem seems to appear at a different rate (times per hour) to different users - with the possibe explanation that the inteferrence is unique to the user.

    What points would speak against it?
    - Looks like only the KeyUp-Event is affected and interferrence would affect all events.
    - Possible Explanation for the Pro: having it using analoge switches would mean that there are multiple key-down events with different pressure depths, and this redundancy counters the loss of a single event.

    How to Fix/Confirm:
    - Try a different route of the Cable to your Pc, as far away from other cables, especially the 110/220/230V AC power line ones, but also speaker and other usb cables.
    - If you have the expirience with dissassebly and soldering, you could solder a new cable to the unit that has better shielding. If you do, please report back if it fixes the Problem!
    - Just a guess as im not an electric engeneer: Adding an ferrite core could help, but i have not tried it.
  10. Fasuh

    Fasuh New Member

    shouldn't you be able to shield the cable externally without soldering then? that should be enough to prove the theory

    from my side i can confirm that it helps to connect the cable directly to motherboard, i was using usb hub before and was getting the error every 5-10 minutes, now im sticking about 3x daily, still not perfect tho.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2021 at 1:17 AM
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