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Razer Tartarus V2 controller D-pad sticking / glitch

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so while using the Tartarus V2, the d pad sticks and you keep moving in one direction till u press the same direction again. I know a lot of people have this problem while looking through the forums and the one solution is to delete razer synaps. but unfortunately I use a lot of razer products and that's the best way to match and customize RGB. so its either I deal with that annoying glitch and have cool colors and effects. or i delete synaps and don't deal with that glitch but now half my RGB features are useless. I was hoping to bring this back to the attention of the developers to see if u can make a small patch for synaps so the people who use the Tartarus can enjoy there gaming and RGB lights at the same time. Please and thank you.

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Same here

I recommend you HID MACROS + OPEN RGB They are lighter and stable than synapse.

Also, you are all will laugh, but same happen with Huntsman Analog. Post from reddit.

My keyboard is often failing to realize that I have released keys. This happens maybe 6 times an hour. The key will act as if it is held, even if I completely remove my hands from the keyboard and mouse. In keyboard mode, not controller mode even. I have to push it again to get it to recognize the state change.

Well I have been having this issue as well. I don't know how many times I have died and even worse looked stupid because of this. I finally looked at the forums to find a fix and was amazed this issue has been going on this long.
How can it not be fixed by now. they really need to change their slogan a company that makes hardware by gamers for gamers would never allow this to go on this long.
Same here with new Tartarus Pro and brand new PC. Happens approx 1 time per hour.

Tried all the steps mentioned. Doesnt help except disabling the whole software.
The problem is rare but often enough to think about sending it back. Its just not reliable.

This is my first razer product, I am disappointed. Especially because this device is a premium product, has a very specific purpose and it fails at it in reliability. I still have some time to try. I am not sure I should wait, because it seems this problem persists for some time.
Maybe I try the third party software and use the device without RGB lights.

Well, there is hope since the support posts from last days. So I will wait a little longer before returning the device.
I thank the support for every update we get.

You can try reWASD in the meantime before you return the product. They have a 14 days trial, which should serve your purpose well.
@Razer.Speedcr0ss ... I'm not sure when my case was closed, but the issue is clearly not resolved yet.

Could you please have your tech team re-open my Case #(*Omitted)?

The alternative would be for me to open a new ticket for the same issue. This would end up inflating Razer's case count on this issue (maybe that's a good thing, if it results in more attention to this issue). Although an inflated case count doesn't really matter to me, personally, it seems counterproductive in that it would:

  • necessitate repeating information/trouble-shooting already been performed on Case #(*Omitted).
  • skew Razer's internal data on how frequently/how many users this issue is affecting.
  • result in less efficient use of tech team resources and data management.

Although it should go without saying, please let me be clear: help desk tickets should NOT be closed until satisfactory resolution has been reached.

In the last reply on my case (January 21), Razer advised me that:

[indent]Thank you for your patience and providing us with your feedback concerning this issue. We have escalated this ticket for further review and investigation, but at this time we do not have a solution for the concern. If a solution can be found, it will most likely come in the form of a future software or firmware release for your product. Please be sure to check on our support site for these future releases based on your product. Feel free to contact us back any time if you have other Razer concerns. Your case number is (*Omitted).[/indent]

While I appreciate the honesty of this reply, it seems obvious ("... we do not have a solution ...") that this is NOT a resolution. Since the problem is not solved, the ticket should not be closed.

Thank you!
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After 15 hours of game "problem" come back. :slightly_sad:

Hi Seegeth! The Support Team replaced your unit as they wanted to check and replicate the behavior by using your device. They are working on this behavior and will update again this thread once I got a follow-up from the team.
Hey everyone! The team is working on a fix for all of our reported Synapse-related issues. Please check your Razer Synapse's available updates from time to time. Let me know if there are changes or if it fixed your device's concern. Also, I'll report back once the team finalized the updates intended for Razer Tartarus V2/Pro.

I will be giving the new Synapse update a shot sometime later this week. However, I am not holding my breath, because others had reported the issue persisted.

I think the thread's headline should now be changed to "Razer Tartarus V2/Pro Sticking / Glitch", or make a super megathread, as the main OP of this thread are no longer active. This would become more clear to those that just recently joined to find those that have similar issues together.
My 2 cents.
Win7 x64
latest synapse
Tartarus v2

Use it only for work, not for games. Keys sometimes stuck. Tryed it on spare laptop with clean install of windows, without updates, drivers, anything. Only with network drivers for wifi lan, synapse 3 with only one programmed shortcut ctrl+w and portable old firefox browser. After half an hour i catch stuck key, which has closed all my tabs -)

I have been using the Tartarus Pro for a few months now, and always get stuck key input. The keys themselves don't stick, just the input stays on until I hit that key again. Also happens on d-pad. I have not tried removing the sympse software, since I sort of needed this to remap default keys.

I actually just rebuilt a brand new gaming rig. It happened on my old system, and my brand new system with fresh installs of OS, drivers, and games. It will do it in any title. Not sure if the problem is with the synapse software or firmware on the Tartarus Pro, but regardless, it has cost me in game progress many times. I am like many others. I will not buy another Razer product if they are not willing to fix issues like this.
I had to read those attachments to understand our response, but thanks. So there is a WASD software that does some keyboard remapping, which 'can' work in place of synapse, but without supporting things like RGB and the scroll wheel. But it may fix the 'stuck input' of the Tartarus Pro. I may look into that. I don't really care about RGB and while the mouse wheel would be nice to be able to use, I don't currently need it.

I love this keypad in every other respect, but this stuck input behavior has given be catastrophic results in some games and made it nearly unusable. If it can be fixed through the software, I would imagine even though it may be troublesome to recreate, it should be easy to see and solve through some debugging. Surely a company the size of Razer can fix this? I certainly don't trust any of their products now. This is the only thing I currently use from them, and it will stay that way until they can demonstrate they care about quality.
2 days ago I got this from help desk:

  • Clean reinstall Synapse 3 and make sure to use latest installer from the webpage

  • Make sure keyboard is detected in Synapse 3 - update and restart where necessary

  • “Exit all apps” from system tray

  • Stop “Razer Synapse Service” from Task Manager

  • Install the patches below in order

  • https://rzr.to/MBvxKG

  • https://rzr.to/ERJ1nS

  • https://rzr.to/oJ1uz7

  • Restart “Razer Synapse Service” from Task Manager

  • Start Synapse 3 and log in to their account

  • Test the keyboard again.

  • If the issue persists, kindly compare the frequency of failure before and after installing the patch

I started to test it today on various games. Now I have 6 hours of gaming without the sticky key issue and synapse is running.
If you do not trust the links (which are official Razer short links) try to ask them for "PID0266MW_v0.1.4.092113.exe" patch.
1st link is EXE, 2nd and 3rd are registry keys to enable key logging... Dunno if they are needed. After more hours of test I'll revert the registry changes back to original.

Let us know if these patches helped
I'm surprised but... it works for me. I tested it on RDR2, MHW, OW, Hitman 2 and Hades. No issues. My total playing time is more than 19 hours in last 2 days.
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Hey buzzGrizzlyEMERALD539! Please send me your Razer Synapse 3.0 logs via PM.

Hi everyone! Thanks for the update. I've coordinated with our Support Team and devs. They wanted to thank anyone who cooperated in sending their logs and other details, especially those who already have a submitted support case. The investigation is ongoing.
mmmmm paying a premium price for this and having all these issues definitely has put me off from this product, thanks all for all the feedback.
@Razer.Speedcr0ss Can you comment on why, as a member of staff, you still have this unresolved issue after years? How long have you been passing this thread by? How many years?
I am also encountering this, and am about to open a ticket with them. I too researched the issue first, and found pre-existing reports of this. Based on this, I have put together my own comprehensive report.

I am a Razer enthusiast. I own their Tartarus Pro keypad (which replaced my previous Razer Orbweaver); Black Widow Elite keyboard; Naga Trinity mouse; and brand new Blackshark V2 headset that I haven't even unboxed yet which are an early Christmas gift. My history with Razer has been nothing short of outstanding (including times I have required formal support), so I have every hope and expectation that they will be helpful with this issue.

Since I put a fair amount of time and effort into researching the issue and documenting my own issues with the "repeating" D-Pad issue, I am attaching a copy of my report here. This way, the Razer community can find some solidarity and hopefully some further insight on this problem. I will continue to chime in with any updates.

Aside from my report attached, I would add my own following replies to the original poster's specific points:

One small difference between my own issue and the original poster's: pressing the same button again on the D-Pad does NOT stop the "repeating", in my case. ... Instead, I must press the corresponding direction (W, A, S, D) on my keyboard. Although this is a small difference, it is significant. Well ... it's significant to me, at least, lol -- because it completely interrupts the fluidity of my game-play having to switch devices in the middle of action (or combat!).

Exiting Synapse 3 does indeed successfully eliminate the problem entirely. However, on top of sacrificing the aesthetic RGB that we all love so much, it also means I lose all of my custom key binds since the Tartarus Pro does not have on-board memory. If I wanted a gaming keypad where I had zero control over how the keys are mapped, there are several much cheaper options on the market. Razer's Tartarus won my heart precisely because I could customize the key bindings! ... I endured the default key bindings when I exited Synapse for a few days of trouble shooting, but wow -- I found it very awkward, and would not enjoy gaming like that on the regular. Thank goodness my Naga Trinity has onboard memory. If I had to lose those binds too, due to exiting Synapse, I might've ended up hanging myself with my own mouse cord by the end of day two!

Finally, in case it's helpful, here's what I'm operating with:

Operating System: Windows 10 Home (10.0.19041)
Razer Software: Synapse 3 (version
Game: Elder Scrolls Online

(Note: since there is no provision for me to upload a pdf file here, I'm uploading my report in three separate jpg's; one for each page of the document. This renders the embedded links inoperable, but I can provide them if anyone needs them. Otherwise, I'm sure they can be easily found through an internet search by title)

I'm happy to provide any other details/answers/insights if required. Fingers crossed in the meantime, that we can get some answers -- and hopefully some resolution! -- soon.

Keep safe, stay positive, and game hard!
[indent]Okay folks -- it looks like we got their attention! :cool_: Now is the time for as many of us as possible to speak up (nicely and respectfully), do the recommended troubleshooting, and have your voice counted. If Razer support sees the volume of users this issue is affecting, and that we are prepared to go through the steps to help isolate the issue if possible, ... well then, the better the chances we might get closer to a fix, sooner! Or at the very least, we'll be able to rest assured that we've done everything possible to be a part of the solution! :wink_:[/indent]

Thank you SpeedCr0ss; I appreciate your attention and contribution to the discussion here. I have reported on my own individual experience (with this issue, and troubleshooting steps) throughout this whole thread, and I would also like to refer you to my open ticket: Razer Incident #201215-001862 -- "RazerTartarusPro - Directional pad still registering input despite releasing the button". To address the steps you've specifically outlined above, I will summarize as follows:

a. Disable Razer Synapse and see if the issue persists.
✅ December 7 - 11: Disabled, exited, closed Razer Synapse for a few days. Played a three or four gaming sessions of approximately an hour and a half each, and one longer gaming session of approximately three and a half hours. The device worked beautifully; all functions were perfect; no issues at all.

b. Connect the Tartarus to a different USB port or computer.
✅ December 17: (This step was performed with Synapse running again). Moved the Tartarus Pro from the USB port on the front of my tower, to one of the rear ports of my tower. The issue persisted.
✅ December 17: Plugged the Tartarus Pro into a whole different computer (which does not have any Razer software installed). Played for an hour and a half, and then again later for three hours. The device worked beautifully; all functions were perfect; no issues at all.

c. Gather Razer Synapse 3.0 logs
✅ December 21: Gathered Razer Synapse 3.0 logs (see my Razer Incident #201215-001862 for link to zip file)
✅ December 21: Applied brand new update to Razer Synapse (3.5.1215.121019); the issue persisted.
✅ December 27: Gathered Razer Synapse 3.0 logs Pre-Clean Install (see Razer Incident for link to zip file)
✅ December 27: Gathered Razer Synapse 3.0 logs Post-Clean Install (see Razer Incident for link to zip file)

d. Repair Razer Synapse 3.0
✅ December 1 - 2: Ran a 'repair' of Razer Synapse 3.0 ... the issue persisted.
✅ December 3 - 4: Did a standard uninstall of all Razer software (including Synapse 2.0, Synapse 3.0, and another piece of Razer software I can't recall the name of), and did a standard reinstall of Synapse 3.0 (including Macro module, and Chroma Studio module) ... the issue persisted.

e. Clean reinstall Razer Synapse 3.0
✅ December 27: Followed each and every step in Razer's recommended procedure for a clean reinstall of Synapse 3.0 including running the Windows DISM tool and Windows System File Checker tool; gathered System File Checker details (see my Razer Incident for link to that .txt file) as well as gathering pre- and post- Synapse log files (see my Razer Incident for link to those .zip files). Note: Ever since that date I only reinstalled the core Synapse 3.0 software -- nothing else -- even still, right up to this moment, I have not even installed the Macro module, nor the Chroma Studio module. ... the issue still persists.

Furthermore, just to demonstrate the (growing) number of users who are encountering this issue, here is a fairly comprehensive list of all the online forum discussions I have found:

Four or five different users describe the same issue on this reddit thread -- Nov.2017 - Jan.2018

Posts #4, #12, and #14 on this Razer Insider thread describe this issue -- Apr.2018 - Aug.2018

Seven users discuss D-Pad issues (switches/software?) on this Razer Insider thread -- Jun.2018 - Sep.2018

Four different users describe the same issue on this reddit thread -- Jul.2018 - Jan.2019

Two users describe the same issue on this Razer Insider thread -- Nov.2018 - Jan.2019

A user described the same issue on this reddit thread -- Mar. 2019

Three users discuss what sounds like could be the same issue on this Razer Insider thread -- Oct.2020

Nine users here on this Razer Insider thread -- Nov.2020

Two users discuss the same issue on this Razer Insider thread -- Nov.2020

Two users here on this Razer Insider thread -- Dec.2020

One user here on this Razer Insider thread -- Dec.2020

One or two users here on this Razer Insider thread -- Dec.2020

This list represents approximately 40 users across twelve different posts, over the past three years. This is in addition to myself and the five other users who have contributed on this particular thread, here. Clearly there is some solid history behind this issue, and a whole lot of Razer users who are really wanting to love the Tartarus as much as we expected to.
Until this moment I tried

b. Connect the Tartarus to a different USB port or computer.
d. Repair Razer Synapse 3.0
e. Clean reinstall Razer Synapse 3.0

Nothing helped
Clean reinstall of Synpase 3
1 hour of game with Synapse:
"S" key stuck once
"D" key stuck once

@Razer.SpeedCr0ss logs send via PM
Well that did not take long. Reinstalled Synapse. Turend on Green at 0 brightness. 30 min into game, and input stuck. Color me surprised. (pun and sarcasm intended)
I'll forward this feedback to the team. Our Support Team mentioned that they get all the reported devices while doing changes on Razer's end.

Hey everyone! I understand that this issue is been going for months now. No one wants this to happen. As a fellow gamer, it feels bad to see that issue is still ongoing and you can't fully enjoy the game and utilize the gaming keypad. I will keep monitoring this thread and update you once the team finalizes a fix. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

Any chance we could get an update on the teams progress on a fix for the sticking keys? I would love to keep my huntsman analog, but the sticking key issue is so severe.

Thanks for your help!
Razer support asked me to send my PC motherboard, CPU, and GPU Make and Model as well as the RAM. I told them I would but asked if they wanted it for the three different machines that experienced the issue. It surely is not tied to one hardware setup. It happened on 100% of the machines I have used. Although I have not tried it on my new laptop yet, so I could give them 4 different machine specs.
Okay, so to summarize ...

Razer tech troubleshooting queries and steps:

Unsuccessful fixes:

  • Switching USB ports to a different port on my PC (front port to rear port).
  • Running the 'repair' tool in Windows to repair the installation of Synapse 3.
  • Replacing the device with a new replacement device (RMA).
  • Excluding Razer modules (Chroma Studio; Macro) from a clean re-install.
  • Creating and using a new Windows user local account, while simultaneously remaining logged into your primary admin account.

Various successful immediate work-arounds:

  • Pressing the affected button again ceases the immediate current occurrence of the looping repeated function. Note however that the issue continues to occur. The frequency varies per user.
  • Logging out and exiting the Synapse 3 software entirely.*
  • Connecting the device to a different PC without Synapse 3 software installed.*
  • Using third party key binding software such as reWASD instead of Synapse 3.*

[indent]* Note: This will result in some functional [/indent]

Various successful short-term fixes:
* Note: Issue typically recurs between 3 - 14 days.

  • Clean uninstall/re-install of Synapse 3 software. Standard uninstall/reinstall may be sufficient, but clean is better.
  • Logging into a different Synapse 3 user account (razertest; razerperipheralstest; etc.).
  • Converting your primary Windows user account to a local account (if it's not already local).

These each seem to be