Razer Tartarus V2 controller D-pad sticking / glitch

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by cpoChiD, Dec 10, 2020.

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    KAWAiiSONG New Member

    So I became the owner of the Razer Tartarus Pro ! and the S key is already stuck ! this key remained the default, I did not change it! it's sad!
  2. CptCraptacular

    CptCraptacular New Member

    you are prob right there it maybe due to auto sync after x amount of days. If a razer rep can confirm this then till there super slow repair team can fix this, i will just repair the install via control panel. As that seems to fix it for at least a few days. Every time i have tried a fix i do that so it must be that as it is the only thing what is constant.
    good shout there.
    if only there was a offline mode, ooh they need to spy on use no please don't do it
  3. KidGixxer

    KidGixxer New Member

    Did not realize so many other people where having this same issue, Its become so common I don't even notice it anymore.
    (I use the d-pad as my wasd keys).

    When will Razer make one with a true analog stick.
  4. the_novena

    the_novena Member

    Interesting suggestion, yeah! I wonder: is there anywhere we can find and see when the last sync time occurred, @Razer.SpeedCr0ss ?

    I tried disabling the HID-compliant device. Sadly: no improvement at all. The issue was still occurring within a couple/few hours.

    To be honest, the issue seems to be happening MORE frequently, and also seems to be affecting my mouse (Naga Trinity) more than ever, too. Although I've been blessed with an abundance of patience, I'm genuinely reaching my limits.
  5. CptCraptacular

    CptCraptacular New Member

    it is annoying, especially when the product is high end and costs quite alot of money.
    The radio silence from razer isn't promising either. All this has taught me is to stay clear of all future razer products.

    forced bloatware what must be used for basic functions, no internal memory, same bug what has been ongoing on their keyboards since 2018 and still they release more with out fixing the issue, scroll wheel and dpad seem to fail alot and lastly relying on their "gaming" name to inflate their prices much higher then needs be, model o wireless shew this and forced the "sale" every few months on the razer viper pro. Though tbh it shows the price it should be at.

    KAWAiiSONG New Member

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    KAWAiiSONG New Member

  8. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey everyone! The team is working on a fix for all of our reported Synapse-related issues. Please check your Razer Synapse's available updates from time to time. Let me know if there are changes or if it fixed your device's concern. Also, I'll report back once the team finalized the updates intended for Razer Tartarus V2/Pro.
  9. the_novena

    the_novena Member

    I monitored the sync times closely, and although it was a good hypothesis, I'm afraid it appears to be unrelated. Between a 3:52pm sync-time yesterday afternoon, and the next sync time at 12:43am, the issue occurred about four or five times in between.

    Glad to see there's a brand new update to Synapse; keeping my fingers crossed this solves it!!
  10. the_novena

    the_novena Member

    Nope, the update did not make any improvement; issue just occurred again.
  11. SunjyKamikaze

    SunjyKamikaze New Member

    Oh Wow. After i make a new Post about my Problem with the Tartarus i see this one here.

    Hope they fix it..the arrow keys are the only think i like to use the Gamepad.

    Can anyone tell me if the Tartarus Pro have the same issue?
  12. CptCraptacular

    CptCraptacular New Member

    they are both built as shoddy as each other, so yeah it will have the same issues.
    use a pro here and it's been nothing but a pos. if i could even get half the money back i paid for this thing i would because it is not worth the time and effort it takes to find a fix
    (imo still should have that internal memory, i ain't gonna stop saying that ^^)

    at this point im tempted to sell it to cex and just be done with it but then some other poor sod will have to deal with all this bs :slightly_sad:
  13. SunjyKamikaze

    SunjyKamikaze New Member

    That's crap. After trying out so many different input devices, I found the Tartarus to be the best compromise between space and handling.
    Apparently Razer won't come up with a fix or a version 3 that doesn't have this problem. A real joystick would have been the best solution.
    I don't understand why such a mistake goes into series production. A real pity.
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  14. i test it for 2 hour after that update and look fine but for sure i need more time before update that happen every 30 minute so i test it for more time and i write again here (sry for bad english)
  15. SunjyKamikaze

    SunjyKamikaze New Member

    Testing with new Update. After 3 Mins ingame the buttons gliches and i need to press it again that he stops to straife left.

    Amazing shit.. hope they get a fix
  16. NoahArk620

    NoahArk620 New Member

    I will be giving the new Synapse update a shot sometime later this week. However, I am not holding my breath, because others had reported the issue persisted.

    I think the thread's headline should now be changed to "Razer Tartarus V2/Pro Sticking / Glitch", or make a super megathread, as the main OP of this thread are no longer active. This would become more clear to those that just recently joined to find those that have similar issues together.
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  17. and update dont fix the problem today again key stuck ....
  18. the_novena

    the_novena Member

    Feb 3 Razer forum post_1.jpg Feb 3 Razer forum post_2.jpg Logitech Query.JPG I'm still having difficulty composing/copy-and-pasting/formatting posts on Razer Insider's forum software. Converting a Word document to .jpg, and posting as an image, seems to be the most effective.

    (note: unfortunately, none of my content which has been posted as .jpg will be able to be searchable/detected using a search engine or CTRL-F)
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2021
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  19. SunjyKamikaze

    SunjyKamikaze New Member

    Hope you show us the answer from Logitech ;)
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  20. My 2 cents.
    Win7 x64
    latest synapse
    Tartarus v2

    Use it only for work, not for games. Keys sometimes stuck. Tryed it on spare laptop with clean install of windows, without updates, drivers, anything. Only with network drivers for wifi lan, synapse 3 with only one programmed shortcut ctrl+w and portable old firefox browser. After half an hour i catch stuck key, which has closed all my tabs -)
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