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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer.WolfPack, Nov 3, 2017.

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  1. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    one thing I just noticed the other day ... while playing overwatch .... my razer blade keyboard (or connected black widow chroma) reacts to the game. IE ... W A S D lights up, along with ability keys E and L Shift. my razer orb weaver, kind of does its own thing, and does not light up WASD which is disappointing

    Can any Tartarus V2 owners, let me know if while playing overwatch if youre getting the same behaviors ... and W A S D not reacting as a normal keyboard would?
  2. Atmo28

    Atmo28 New Member

    all in one and so cool
  3. ahmedpc03

    ahmedpc03 New Member

    iam thinking to buy this keyboard just to use the thumb stick as a wasd movement
    do you think guys its comfortable and suitable
  4. KevinWalter

    KevinWalter New Member

    I'm really torn... between buying a Tartarus or waiting to see if they're working on an Orbweaver v2.

    I would normally get the Tartarus because it's cheaper, it has the scroll wheel, and the padded wrist rest.

    The Orbwaver is appealing to me for literally one reason. Orange switches.

    If it wasn't for the whole "mehca-membrane" nonsense, I'd buy the Tartarus in a heartbeat. But I think adding a little clicker to a membrane key is entirely pointless, and only serves to make it sound more annoying than it needs to me.

    I would either like to see a version of the Tartarus with mechanical switches (so I could choose orange and have no clicking), or an Orbweaver v2 with the 20th key replaced with a scroll wheel and a padded wrist rest.

    Knowing my luck, I'll get tired of waiting, buy a Tartarus, and 3 days later they'll announce the Orbweaver v2, with exactly those features.
  5. patchesonhand

    patchesonhand New Member

    Honestly, I don't know what Razer could do more with the Orbweaver. It already has full Chroma, mechanical keys and all that. The Tartarus V2 is a step up from the Tartarus Chroma for a couple of reasons:
    1) More keys! 32 compared to 25
    2) Per-key Chroma lighting

    Compared to Orbweaver Chroma, obviously lower the price reflects the membrane keyboard. I particularly like having button 20 under the thumb, and the scroll wheel. However, the Orbweaver has a lot more customisation for how it fits in your hand.

    The Tartarus V2 definitely has some Nostromo DNA swimming around in it. Specifically, the scroll wheel. I even found a reference to "Nostromo V2" while digging around the Synapse 3 Beta files for it.

    Synapse 3 Beta really kicks up the power of the Tartarus V2 (well, really all Chroma-enabled input devices) as you can finally map a lighting profile to an app, as well as a keymap. It's not just a gaming keyboard, but now it can also be a productivity device, e.g. with colour-coded shortcuts and macros for audio/video workstations. That was in fact the 2nd major reason I invested in the Tartarus V2 ... now if only Razer will build Synapse 3 for OSX ... :)

    I don't play Overwatch but the Diablo III Chroma App doesn't seem to work as desired. It comes up in all red, then when my Barbarian rages, goes all orange. No per-key lighting or anything like that. Seems to me that the Chroma Apps have to be rewritten for each model of device
  6. KevinWalter

    KevinWalter New Member

    Well, like I said, it would be nice if it had the scroll wheel and the cushy wrist rest that the Tartarus has. Since everything "v2" is having that rest added, and I personally really like the idea of the second wheel.
  7. patchesonhand

    patchesonhand New Member

    Fair enough, so potential Orbweaver V2 features:
    - Scroll wheel
    - Cushy wrist rest
    - Button on the thumbrest :)

    Though in all fairness, if Razer DID make an Orbweaver V2, I'd be disappointed if it didn't have noticeably more buttons than the Tartarus. It is their flagship in this class after all.
  8. krais2020

    krais2020 New Member

    It works great for that but I have to say I received my V2 on dec 18th and was not able to use it due to buggy beta drivers for almost a month in WoW(my main game) and after a full month of daily use I just had to RMA it because the forward thumb stick button broke.

    Pretty sure it broke clean off inside so I guess I will see with the new one in a week or so when I get it if this was just a fluke or bad design/cheap parts. The design is amazing and pretty much exactly what I have been looking for over the years but if this is a taste of whats to come QC wise it will make me very sad.
  9. Masseffect2

    Masseffect2 New Member

    Hey guys can some one helping me settings the dpad works as wasd ?I don't understand hot to map it properly in Synapse3 (or better there's a config file i can simply load ? )
    thank you
  10. Masseffect2

    Masseffect2 New Member

    i'm starting to setting up, like tthis, but doesn't work in doom, for example (steam version)
    and i don't know how to set up for the the other buttons, upper left, upper right etc.
  11. patchesonhand

    patchesonhand New Member

    You'll want to use the 4-way mode, not the 8-way mode for that. They way you have it in the screenshot, if you hit two axes at once, it will think you want "Disabled", not movement on both.

    Did you get the WASD configuration going? You've probably already worked this out, but the top thumb stick button in Synapse is pushing away from you (i.e. forward), not "up" (i.e. away from the base of the unit).
  12. Zacous

    Zacous New Member

    This looks so good and usefull, I thnik I'm gonna buy it as soon as I have enough money. :relaxed:
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  13. javispi59

    javispi59 New Member

    i like to obtain these keyboard
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  14. EL-P0ll0_DIABl0

    EL-P0ll0_DIABl0 New Member

    Plan on picking one of these up later this year to help with wrist pain during long gaming sessions and picking up a Blackwidow v2 TE. Would get the Orbweaver but dont want to spend that much on a gamepad just yet.
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  15. jackieLox

    jackieLox New Member

    I have the tartarus and it's good but this one is awesome!!
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  16. Spookykid

    Spookykid New Member

    I have the original orbweaver stealth and it is dying (keycaps are all worn and fly off or are cracked and glued back together. I wanted to buy replacement keys to try to last until they eventually release an orbweaver v2 but I have been waiting a long time. I am going to see if a co worker can 3d print me some replacement keys but I have looked at the tartarus v2, I like how it has the scroll wheel my n52te I used to have had. Only thing is I am not sure if I will regret downgrading from a mechanical switch to a membrane, does anyone who own this find the response time any different from a mechanical stealth switch? Also other concern I have is I am worries the thumb movement might not be as good as the orbweaver, does anyone own this that uses their thumbstick for movement have any input on whether it works well for that? I know alot of people using the gamepads dont' use it for movement so I want to find that out before I decide to give in and go with a Tartarus V2 instead of waiting for something that may not come out in the v2 orbweaver.
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  17. H0PE_

    H0PE_ Member

    Honestly I only have bad exp. with the Orbweaver. It was expensive and the controller itself died on me after a bit more than one year (numerous keys didn't register the hits or double triple clicking, so I assume its the main device just crapped out on me. Got no support from razer so its just sitting there dead.
    My other problem was with it that its NOISY!

    I saw some vid that you can remove the clicky thing from Tartarus v2 so removing the clicking sound, definitely an upgrade. I never cared about the membrane keys, but after the Orbweaver experience I kind of afraid that my Blackwidow 2 stealth will eventually die on me too :S.

    These devices are way too expensive vs. the life expectancy IMHO. So I was very very much tempted to get Tartarus V2, but 1year warranty time is nothing on a device like this.

    Compare this to Logitech, where you get 3/5 years of warranty on similar products. And they do care! They've replaced my G500 after 2 years, and they now recently replaced my G500 replacement G502 after 1.5 years. So that price is completely justified. Razer's price isn't.

    Don't get me wrong I love razer products but they are way too expensive. (Wish I could still collect zSilver while playing :slightly_sad:).

  18. Spirre

    Spirre New Member

    Been using the orbweaver up till now, but when it finally gave in I decided ill try out Tartarus V2. This is my thought about it compared to orbweaver.

    I love having the wheel instead of a just a button.
    Thumbpad is a bit more "distinct" in choosing direction compared to orbweaver (I use thumbpad for movement).

    Unfortunately, even after only a week of use the switches on the thumbpad sometimes get stuck. So a big con is that quality of the switches is not up to standard.

    I hope Razer will release a orbweaver V2 with wheelbutton, Tartarus V2 design thumbpad and Synapse v3. At the moment its hard to recommend Tartarus V2 because of the poor quality of the switches.44
  19. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    That seems to be a common problem, https://insider.razer.com/index.php...s-failing-2-devices-failed-in-4-months.32296/
    Hopefully support can help!
  20. Rumanii

    Rumanii Member

    it even has a tiny hand rest LOL
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