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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Brainforsale

    Brainforsale New Member

    Hi all.
    This post is to bring the attention of Razer's dev team and Razer's business strategic team to the need to update synapse at Version 3. I'm trying the new Mamba Elite and it's... absolute fantastic, better my old Mamba. I've tried it on my PC and on my Mac and Synapse 3 is necessary on both.
    So, please, don't forget Mac community and make an update for Synapse: it's OK also a "light" version of drivers, without Chroma Lab, only for edit bottons on mouse and keyboard, macro and Chroma effects.
    This will be nice to have a good present for xmas :)
  2. cmoneynig

    cmoneynig New Member

    I unfortunately am on the same problem with the mamba elite.. also I had just got the hunstman elite and goliath mousepad. None of which i have work for synapse 2. and 3 is obviously windows only.. have you figured out ways around this yet?
  3. Brainforsale

    Brainforsale New Member

  4. jpdenilson1

    jpdenilson1 New Member

    i'm a Core V2 user of Mac. and i also feel very disappointed without Chorma control of Synapse 3 for Mac

    C4PT4INCOX New Member

    Crapy duck with a string attached..just now Reading this I realize that I can not use my Goliathus Mouspad with out thatV3 rap thingy!
    How can you even sell a product knowing that it wont work for all systems and then not even metion it like in BIG letters like for dum ppl...well like me...WHATS UP IN HEA!

    K guys, need a Fing hedsup on launch dates here! like yesterday. TICK TOCK TICK TZZzzzz...
  6. Rendario

    Rendario New Member

    I just got the Mamba elite and you can only change the settings on Synapse 3. However, I own a mac and not a PC and Synapse 3 only works on PC. Why wouldn't razer make a mac version also?! annoying.
  7. Hejong

    Hejong New Member

    As a Mac user myself, I am incredibly disappointed in Razer products of late. My father and I use about 5-6 Razer products between us, and they all have the same issues - Never sleep your Mac or Synapse will forget your settings, upon reboot you need to replug your devices in for synapse to sense them and apply your settings.

    I like the cloud settings idea, but there is no local copy for anything. It is possibly the most buggy driver software I have ever used at this point. I no longer recommend Razer products for Mac as a result of the poor quality of the driver software. This is a shame, as I really want to keep using my Razer Naga Trinity in particular for my MMO gaming, and Razer makes the only MMO mouse for Mac.

    Razer, PLEASE invest time in Mac users. iMac Pros and high end MacBook Pros have good enough hardware to seriously game as well as get work done.
  8. Infernis

    Infernis New Member

    Honestly I don't think Razer cares about their Mac users much. If they did they would've done that ages ago.
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  9. BodhbhDearg

    BodhbhDearg New Member

    Just adding my support... Just got myself a Naga Trinity (@ Fry's while on business trip in Tx), and Synapse2 on Mac doesn't correctly drive it! I will primarily be using it on Windows, but plan to bring it along on business trips with my MacBook Pro (2017 with touchbar model)!
    Lighting comes up sometimes, but often also doesn't... It doesn't correctly show which sidepanel is installed, and often only works for a short time when I press *some* of the side buttons...
    Macro's (esp those using mouse clicks) don't seem to work at all...
  10. kinpatu-senshi

    kinpatu-senshi New Member

    Anyone aware of a support release on the Synapse 3 software for macOS?

    I bought a Huntsman keyboard, and unfortunately won't work together with Synapse 2. Hoping for a release soon.

    Thanks in advance Razer. Keep up the good work.
  11. heateverSapphire868

    heateverSapphire868 New Member

    Been a dedicated user of Razer stuffs for years. Now with the change to Synpase 3, products like Hyperflux doesnt work at all with the software. I have been using a 3rd party thing to accelerate since i bought this thing 6 months ago. If Razer is done with Mac, i am done with Razer.
  12. received a goliathus extended chroma for xmas gift. totally can't use with my Mac OSX as no synapse 3.0 support. gonna give it away.
  13. frewty

    frewty New Member

    Does razer synapse work through bootcamp?
  14. LuckyGrin

    LuckyGrin New Member

    Got Huntsman keyboard as New Year / Christmas present and it doesn't work on mac... Synapse 2.0 does not recognize it, Synapse 3.0 is not available. That is so weird and bad... why would you ignore a significant part of your user base? Also why such simple thing as keys-engraving is not available for Mac users? All you need is a couple of empty keys with different engraving pattern (Which is not so difficult or expensive to come up with) and you would satisfy a huge and growing number of Mac users around the world, yet you choose to do nothing and now also ultimately ignore mac users at all with this non-supported software. I'm very dissatisfied :slightly_sad:
  15. Lonny71

    Lonny71 New Member

    I just bought a Huntsman elite keyboard and have a Mac and hope they decide to put out a Mac version of Synapse 3.0 since they had 2.0.
  16. Game developer here. I use Razer products for work / productivity on Mac and PC (Maybe it's not obvious but things like the Tarterus are awesome tools for Photoshop and 3d). Currently I'm stuck with older products (e.g: Tarterus 1) due to Synapse 3.0 not being available on Mac.

    There's a huge potential market of people that could use Razer products for productivity being ignored here and it seems like the newer Razer products (Tarterus v2 etc) are only supported on 3.0.

    It would be helpful if Razer would at least confirm whether or not they are planning / working on Synapse 3.0 for Mac or we should start to look elsewhere.
  17. directCreamcoast134

    directCreamcoast134 New Member

    Will also add to this thread - why doesn't Razer support Mac users and provide Synapse 3.0 to Mac as well
  18. I have macbook pro and bought razer blackwidow elite. No luck, synapse not support my keyboard. Additionally, I have wmware fusion and installed windows inside it and not working also. PLEASE PROVIDE MAC SUPPORT TO YOUR KEYBOARDS.
  19. efekalender96

    efekalender96 New Member

    yes perfectly fine :)
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  20. Movoye

    Movoye New Member

    lol I want to buy huntsman elite keyboard but the synapse 3 doesn't support mac users. This is a huge disappointment since I love using razer products on mac. Not only the keyboard I want to buy the goliathus extended chroma and the headset as well but the synapse software makes me confused about buying it or not.
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