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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. iloveyoursacredcow

    iloveyoursacredcow New Member

    It's a year later, still no mac build for synapse3. WTF.

    My goliathus chroma mat either gets to look out of sync or black. At least the keyboard I got works (it uses an older version).
  2. echoedv0iez

    echoedv0iez New Member

    Just wanted to say I find two major faults with your logic:

    1) If the only "real" gaming experience is on Windows, and Razer shares these views that's super elitist and frankly I'll walk out on them right now. No one defines what a gamer is, and frankly I'd consider this response to genuine questions about a lack of communication about support sad and apathetic
    2) You might wanna actually do your research. Razer has been around for quite some time and has frankly fallen well behind in terms of quality. Am I really supposed to believe that a company who makes peripherals for every major console and it's own line of gaming laptops and two generations of gaming phones can't support them or communicate to their own existing customers as well as Steelseries, who not only has been in business for a shorter amount of time, but tells customers what works with their products and maintains relative parity with their software on both platforms (I would recommend them to anyone who made the mistake of buying paperweights- I mean accessories for their Mac from this company)?

    Razer's motto should actually be quantity over quality from the state of affairs
  3. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Active Member

    Sorry but can you give me directions to the nearest SteelSeries store... oh wait, there isn't one. surprisingly enough razer is opening another store in las Vegas tomorrow. And if you think about it, 4 years is nothing in terms of business. oh while I'm at it I think I should buy a SteelSeries phone. or actually maybe ill buy a Logitech or corsair phone. Oh wait... Yet again, I cant. Razer is really a great brand that has done great things in such a small amount of time. And also, Corsair and Logitech were both before razer, and to me, it looks like razer has caught up. and you also said that razer cant support their products. Should I send you a copy of the code for legacy or for synapse 3 BETA? because lets not forget that it is in beta. And regarding your comment about the quality of razer, I personally use their products and love them much better than both Corsair and Logitech and Even SteelSeries, and trust me, SteelSeries is pretty good. And for one last thing, you realize that your are arguing and hating on razer on a website called razer insider, right?

    I went back and looked at my old post just to make sure. My exact words were
    "But you do have to remember that they are a relatively new company (new for a business)".
    I was absolutely correct in saying that because in a business sense, they are relatively new. so in your exact words " You might wanna actually do your research". or at the very least learn to read what people say correctly.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  4. echoedv0iez

    echoedv0iez New Member

    I love it when people can't just admit their wrong, but sure go ahead. If anything I'd find it more weird that someone who has no interest in gaming on MacOS is on a thread about the subject, but okay. I've made my point, you've made yours, and it still doesn't matter because it's not like support or even an official statement of whether I can burn my Razer products yet or not will come anytime soon. But yes I will check out your Razer store on the way to burn them if you want.
  5. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Active Member

    Well you see I first came on this thread to see what it was about. Because I visit most threads and comment on them I feel like it. So when I came on to this thread and saw all the toxicity on here I tried backing razer Up. But hey if you plan on burning them, you might as well sell them instead on eBay or something, because someone who appreciates the brand will buy them. But you are right in saying that razer isn't perfect. I personally don't like the pricing, I feel it is a bit overpriced but then again I put up with it because I love the brand. But if you truly hate Razer this much then go ahead and burn your products I guess.
  6. adhdzoleil

    adhdzoleil New Member

    Razer is a company headed / main goal is to support gaming, which is mostly on Windows.
    - So if Synapse was released for Mac it wouldn't really get downloads, well because they didn't release it in the first few months.

    But i still hope they make one for MacOS, that would be nice!

    (Note: This is constructive criticism so don't come to me and say bad stuff)
  7. heateverSapphire868

    heateverSapphire868 New Member

    I have been using Mamba Firefly Hyperflux thing for a year now hoping that there will be a synapse 3 update for Mac. But no. Nothing. And no, i am not gonna install bootcamp just so i can install it and adjust my mouse and mousepad in Windows and switch it back.

    If Razer gave up on Mac users, they should just make it clear they will not provide any further support to Mac in the future instead of just dragging us along. I am officially done with Razer after years of being their fan. Looks like they just don't give a shit about us Mac users. Just say the word.
  8. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Active Member

    Then sell your overpriced mac and buy a better computer that runs windows. I am almost certain that with how much mac charges for their computers, you could find one that is even better for half the cost.
  9. heateverSapphire868

    heateverSapphire868 New Member

    There are those who care more than just cheap price and performance...I’m not gonna start that PC VS MAC talk with you here.

    Besides you are missing the point.
  10. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Active Member

    Sorry but can you explain what more there is to care about? I like saving money. and I like faster computers.
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