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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by abmanzo, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. dailybyteRuber557

    dailybyteRuber557 New Member

    Before attacking Razer or other developers for not working with Apple products, please take not on the operating system you are dealing with. Apple is well known to pick and choose who they work with and it usually comes down to a dollar figure. As of October 2020 I can no longer print to any HP device without jumping through 10 or so error messages saying that my print drivers may be a potential virus. This is not a Razer issue. They have synapse 3 for mac. But do you think for one minute Apple will work with with them unless they fork over some cash? How many times have you updated your mac OS just to find your peripherals stop working?

    In other words.... why are you upset with Razer and not with Apple?
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  2. danxrichards

    danxrichards New Member

    gutted, got gifted a Base Station Chroma for Christmas and cant even change or access the features via Synapse. Just gotta wait for Steel Series to release a RGB headset stand I guess!
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  3. seattlemike

    seattlemike New Member

    Yeah Pretty lame.... was trying to register as well. going to take this Razor Blackwidow keyboard.. like it.. but it's for my macbook pro dock setup as well.... by by nice clickity click.
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  4. jeffdaypdx2

    jeffdaypdx2 New Member

    Do not download their MAC file, it crashed my laptop, corrupted all the data. Now I have headset, mouse, keyboard and controller that I cannot use. I purchased a new mac book pro and a new HP laptop. The Razer gear is not recognized is Synapse 3 on the HP PC laptop. Stuck with $500 worth of worthless gear.....thanks RAZER

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  5. Please make Razer synapse 3 for mac!
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  6. Sadsurfer

    Sadsurfer New Member

    Another vote for Mac (inc M1) support for Razer Synapse and products.
    ANYONE can create Mac software, you do not have to pay Apple tons of money for this at all
    This is on Razer not Apple
    (and I have 10+ razer products so I would LOVE them to work correctly on my Mac)
  7. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Until Apple negotiates a contract with RAZER for a new software~~~

    I tried helping out an Apple user with her Huntsman Mini use on MacOS. Check out the the following thread

    Hoping that RAZER peripherals that interact with Synapse 3.0 has an onboard memory profile. But it does not.

    For MacOS users there are 4 options for RAZER peripherals
    • Use Bootcamp on Apple Mac product to run Windows on MacOS
    • RAZER peripherals that interact with Synapse 2.0
    • RAZER peripherals that come with an onboard memory profile
    • Or Windows 10 laptop (non-Apple product) is waiting for you
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  8. melvin-razer

    melvin-razer New Member

    You have no idea what you are talking about don't you? I'm an engineer, literally ANYONE can write a macOS app. You have a flat $99 fee to open a developer account and that's all. The issue with your HP printer is not Apple, it's HP that doesn't care enough to update their drivers for macOS. Apple made some security changes, now it's up to HP to release a product that is compatible. Except they won't because the % of their users that are using macOS is so low that spending money on this makes absolute no sense for the business. And the issue is the same here with Razer.

    Engineers are expensive, building Synapse 3 for mac would probably cost over a million without taking into account the updates (a senior engineer in the bay area cost around 180k in base salary only, so it goes pretty high pretty quick).

    My main issue here is that if Razer doesn't want to spend the money on us, then they should either make an API that works on macOS/Linux or release the documentation that explains how the communication layer work, so we can build it ourselves. There are a few open source projects out there that are trying to reverse engineering the thing, but it's not great and fairly buggy. At that point I feel like Razer just doesn't care _at all_ about us since the community is literally willing to do their job for free, and all they have to do is to release some documentation...
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  9. bitAmazonitecity918

    bitAmazonitecity918 New Member

    because you are dumb. there is an api to work with razer doesnt have to work with any one just read a little and integrate with the api provided by apple..... every one does it.. thats how macos apps are built by vendors..
  10. Tristan40090psn

    Tristan40090psn New Member

    why is this, as there are so Meny people wanting to use razer items and everything that now comes out on Mac people can't buy as its pointless so if I did move to windows It makes you not want to buy razer products as you will look for items that work on both Mac and windows that may be more then razers price tag not to say but Mac is only getting bigger bad move on razer. For (windows) Gamers. By (windows) Gamers should be razers new slogan and they should take Mac compatible off there products as its a lie
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  11. jisette96

    jisette96 New Member

    I agree. It's really disappointing when there's a huge group of people that want to use Razer products but are Mac users and can't use them. Me for example I bought a Razer base station for my kitty headset and both don't work because I need Synapse 3.0. Razer company needs to seriously make a program that will allow Mac users to use their products as well.
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  12. jisette96

    jisette96 New Member

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE @Razer appeal more to Mac users. Ive bought 2 items and both don't work on my Mac. Really disappointing knowing I can't use your products on my laptop.
  13. laythy

    laythy New Member

    Update!!! I have contacted Razer support recently and they told me that MacOS support for synapse 3 is under way!

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  14. bitNeonFuchsia722

    bitNeonFuchsia722 New Member

    This is amazing. I just bought my kraken kitty because I use to do some streams with my readers (i'm a writer).

    Thank you so much, Razer!
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  15. C3inchains

    C3inchains New Member

    +1 for Mac Support!
  16. johnjudeh

    johnjudeh New Member

    One more here for MacOS support! Really like your hardware but struggling without the ability to use it. I have the Huntsman TE keyboard that only works with the default settings. Looking forward to seeing this fixed!
  17. Doruntin

    Doruntin New Member

    I was unaware that Razer doesn't support MacOS and I wasted my money and time on
    Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro
    DeathAdderV2 Pro Dock Bundle

    (which I'm going to return)

    very disappointed !!!
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  18. Doruntin

    Doruntin New Member

    That's not the point. I'm the end user and I don't care how the relations between Apple and Razer are. I just don't give a shit about that.
    I pay for the product to do my job and it is Razer responsibility to solve problems with Apple or any Hardware/software companies.
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  19. ItsHerobrine

    ItsHerobrine Active Member

    Gosh I really hope that they add Linux support sometime :\
  20. firstSpanishPink993

    firstSpanishPink993 New Member

    How soon is soon for getting support on MacOS? I picked up the Nari headset and Razer Raiju for my Playstation/Mac and the headset is echoing party members due to preset on it. I have found that it is an 'easy fix' in Synapse and went to mitigate this, however, when trying to upgrade Synapse since I had not had to use it in a long time, it flat failed because it is no longer supported. Failing Razer's ability to resolve this; I will be anticipating full refunds for both products unfortunately so I may invest in a company that does support the software of my choice, of which I am considering Astro or Steelseries.
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