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Synapse messing with Windows Sleep Mode

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by darrensoh, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. darrensoh

    darrensoh New Member

    Device Model: Razer Blade 15 Advanced 2019 (Optical Switch)
    Synapse Version: 3.5.630.61222

    Hi, Synapse 3 prevents windows go to sleep when idle. Manual put to sleep works fine. I just had a diagnostic session with windows support and ended up fix the issue by disabling Synapse from starting up at boot and not using it at all.

    Did a google search regarding Synapse with Windows Sleep, came up with a solution to disable a HID Game Controller in Device Manager. However, this device is not present in my Device Manager. Please advise.
  2. Yojimbo789

    Yojimbo789 New Member

    can someone answer this plz having same issue. no HID Game Controller present either and fresh reinstall windows 10.
  3. Beemerchef

    Beemerchef New Member

    Why no one ever replies? Same serious issues with the Turret! Brand new..
    Starting to really get pissed off at the lack of Razer support.
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  4. urbanWarmBlack995

    urbanWarmBlack995 New Member

    Same issue. Purchased Kraken headphones. No Game Controller present. Only solution is to unplug headphones... put back in the box... return... not purchase razer going forward.
  5. captUSSR

    captUSSR New Member

    Same problem here as well. Just received the Kraken Ultimate headset and installed Synapse. Now monitor won't go into standby (it just flashes the screen as, I assume, the software and/or headphones are immediately waking it back up). The sleep function also does not work unless manually initiated. When the headset is unplugged or the Razer processes are killed in Task Manager, monitor standby and PC sleep return back to normal.

    I have submitted feedback to Razer's customer support, so hopefully they will have a solution; I will provide an update if I hear anything useful. I wonder why nobody from Razer has responded to this 3-month-old thread.
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  6. Golem8

    Golem8 New Member

    Same issue, monitors flash off then immediately turn back on. Synapse 3 is the issue.
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