Synapse problems with MacOS Catalina

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Deftknot, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Deftknot

    Deftknot New Member

    Dear Razer Support,

    two months ago, people on Reddit reported problems with Synapse 2 and MacOS Catalina Beta.
    Keyboard lights won't work without unplug/plug the USB after hibernation.

    Now, MacOS Catalina has been released globally but the bug still exists.
    Are there any plans for an update so that functionality of the Keyboard will be fully restored?
  2. ZFowlerEditor

    ZFowlerEditor New Member

    I'm also experiencing this bug and would also like to see this fixed.
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  3. bestJADEPlumWeb458

    bestJADEPlumWeb458 New Member

    Same problem on me. Razer should update Synapse to support Mac Catalina
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  4. ZFowlerEditor

    ZFowlerEditor New Member

    I just installed the update and it didn't fix it for me. Anyone else?
  5. Imperialbytebuzz864

    Imperialbytebuzz864 New Member

    Same here. Today's patch didn't improve anything.

    Would love this resolved as well.
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  6. ZFowlerEditor

    ZFowlerEditor New Member

    Update: The most recent patch is causing Synapse to crash and/or become unresponsive to certain macros.
  7. davidlesterbaron

    davidlesterbaron New Member

    someday i will experience this kind of bug if i can afford 1
  8. Deftknot

    Deftknot New Member

    Same for me. Performance of Synapse is even worse! The app needs hours to load, I can only see the beach ball and then the app crashes.

    And Razer is not responding at all in their official Support forum.
    But on Reddit, you get answers within hours... I don't understand this behaviour...
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  9. I upgraded to Catalina a couple of days ago. Since the upgrade, the Mac OS does not seem to recognize my Razer Naga mouse or keyboard. I need to unplug both and reconnect them to the computer before Synapse will display them correctly. I've included a screenshot of the message I get when I first start my computer.

    Is anyone having this problem? I'm hopeful that Razer is working on a fix ...

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  10. All my software is ready for catalina (I've used GO64, nvram boot 64 trick and forum feedback).
    Even my Datacolor Spyder 5 is now compatible since this week update.

    Is there a future with Razer devices on MacOS ? This lack of information is terrible.
    Should we sell our keyboards and mices (3 of each here) to windows users ?
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