Tartarus V2: D-pad switches failing (4 devices failed in < 1 year)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Signet145, Apr 14, 2018.

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  1. Riesenmoep

    Riesenmoep New Member

    I've now ordered a replacement, which will be available on monday (I've bought via amazon). In the meantime a second switch has stopped working (forward, right), i'm not able to play with this product anymore. If the replacement breaks too, i will ask if its possible to get some kind of voucher because I'm tired of replacing the tartarus all the time.
    Thanks for your answers!
  2. ChiefNieth

    ChiefNieth Active Member

    Some of us don't want to wait a couple weeks to play games :slightly_sad:
  3. My Tartarus failed on me last week after updating their synapse software and the sad thing is I barely used it over the past year, failed just some months after warranty period. unfortunately the warranty just got over and support says cant do a replacement - I was kind of shocked after looking at reviews about the amount of replacement on their products. Well was thinking of getting the Tartarus V2 to replace the Tartarus since i use it for work and while researching online there is an online store slamming the price of the V2 model to 100usd (shipping inclusive) from normal price of ranging from 150usd to 180usd. That immediately gave me hint that the Tartarus V2 may be having manufacturing or design flaws or high number of replacement... so no more expensive Razer products for me, and Razer brand is no more a reliable brand for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  4. Q6016848031

    Q6016848031 New Member

    After contacting Amazon support, I had a replacement delivered within a few days
  5. Riesenmoep

    Riesenmoep New Member

    Yes, but if the replacement breaks again? I'll have a look on my replacement, if this one breaks again, reading the comments here I guess it will, I will try to get a voucher or somenthing like this. What do you do if the warranty is over? If this is a lack in design it will break again and again. I really hope that this two broken switches in my tartarus v2 are a coincidence, but if not I don't want to replace it once in two months.
  6. When its out of warranty Razer Support will send you this:


    Thank you for contacting Razer Peripherals Support.

    We understand the need for a replacement but as much as we would like to assist you further, the device is already outside of warranty.
    For more information, you can visit our warranty page at https://www.razer.com/warranty

    All the best,

    Razer Peripherals Support

    I had a Razer Tartarus and I barely used it over the past year since i use it for design softwares and not hard core gaming and it mysteriously died on me. Surprisingly, just after the warranty got over and just after their Synapse software updated and what I can recall the software was always asking me to sign in very frequently. I wont buy any Razer produtcs that needs to communicate online to sync and no option of keeping profiles offline or working without accounts and due to quality control or design or manufacturing faults.

    Was thinking of the Tartarus V2 but when saw that some online store was giving heavy discounts on it gave me hint that that batch or model might have high replacement and also many users reporting this issue so no V2 for me.
  7. jinxka

    jinxka New Member

    Bought mine a few month ago. D-pad stopped working just now (Right). It's neither a software or electrical probleme as I am pretty sure it is a flaw within the mechanical switch you linked earlier.
    Razer used to be the best brand for gamer, and now it is just expensive trash.
    I can't get a refund because I forgot where I bought it (my fault, did not expect it to die so soon).
    I wouldn't recommand anyone to buy from Razer but there are currently no other gaming pad that I know of.

    Edit: I had a Nostromo for 5+ years whitout any probleme. I gave it away for the more recent "tartarus v2", BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE.

    Edit 2: Always funny to see that the V2 is less expensive than the V1
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  8. Mashtots

    Mashtots New Member

    Exact same problem. 2 months of use, dpad forward direction is broken, doesn't click.
  9. Tulukaruk

    Tulukaruk New Member

    I have had two failures thus far. Same exact problem, same exact part. The problem is 100% the design of the Tartarus v2. I worked in the Navy repairing PCB for 4 years. Our two highest failing components were diodes and micro switches. The biggest design flaw with this product is the way the direction pad strikes the micro switches at a slight angle causing the switch to travel under pressure in an abnormal direction which is not how these switches we're originally designed to function; they are ment to be pushed straight down.

    Until an engineer or someone from Razer EXPLICITLY states that this issue has been fixed, I would steer clear of this product. I think I will dust off my N52te after this.
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  10. bloodevil991

    bloodevil991 New Member

    well my wife has brought the razer tartarus v2 for xmas and im gunna tell her to send it back today cause this has just disapointed me dearly she is not gunna be happy, i was really loving the idea of those extra keys as from my N52te well,

    ay has anyone tried switching the PCB from the N52te putting it into the razer tartarus v2
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  11. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    No, but my advice: send it back and get Orbweaver. Its the only keypad device beside the Tartarus, and it works for me with Synapse2. I'm not exited by Razers software competence, also not their hardware (Tartarus thumbstick breaks within few month, etc), but it's the only solution actual if playing with a keypad.
    Orbweaver is "loud", I took some O-rings to decrease noise.
  12. bloodevil991

    bloodevil991 New Member

    Orbweaver yeah never gunna happen i hate machenical and i also hate the crappy price tag extra £40 for less keys soem how i dont think so

    BIGGRIMTIM New Member

    Mine failed on Friday Nov 2nd. I contacted support but I am still waiting for assistance. For those who have received replacement devices does Razer pay the shipping or will I have to cover it? I am pretty disappointed with the quality of these new devices. My original Belkin Nostromo N52 is still working after all these years. I wish they would go back to the older style d-pad.

    BIGGRIMTIM New Member

    After reading through this thread I was able to speak with Amazon customer service and I was able to get a refund and replacement. Still no response from Razer support.
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  15. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Yes ! @mltan doesn't care about things happening in his company. Party is more important, as longs as it can go on ! No comment, no official statement. Leaves everything to staff that cannot react.
    So sad !!! Failing CEO !
  16. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    11/14/2018: Well - unfortunately I'm back to post about my 4th failed device. Same exact failure as my previous three (d-pad, "right" button failed). I'll update my first post with all of the annoying details....
  17. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Yes, as I already said, none cares ! @mltan doesn't care about things happening in his company. Party is more important, as longs as it can go on ! No comment, no official statement. Leaves everything to staff that cannot react.
    So sad !!! Failing CEO !

    Don't buy Razer products today ! Sry, but they don't wake up !
  18. Signet145

    Signet145 New Member

    I just spent last ~hour on a Live Chat with the Razer support team about my latest (4th) failure and somehow things just keeps getting worse. *Apologies in advance...this is a bit of a rant as I'm frustrated at this point....*

    Each time (4 in total now), I've gone through this replacement process. The Live Chat or Phone support folks have stated that the only possible way to get a replacement is for me to send them my broken device first, then wait until they have it, and then they'll send me a new one (we're talking weeks without a working product).

    I know from the previous 3 times down this path, that there is a process that lets me pay for a new device now and they will ship it now, and refund me once they receive my broken product (much faster way to get a working product in my hands). But, you have to push for it to be escalated to "Tier II' to make this happen, and wait up to 48 hours for someone to email you (so we're talking 1 hour on Live Chat wasted, and now ~2 days waiting for an email).

    On my 3rd failed device in July, the "warehouse was out of stock" and it took weeks to get it replaced. Now, on this 4th failure, I'm being told the warehouse is still out of stock, so sounds like I'll be up to a month again without a working product. They offered an option to give me a store credit, so I can buy it directly from the store...BUT...only after I send my broken one back and the receive/process it (again, week+ minimum).

    So...here I go again without a working device for who knows how long, and literally NOBODY related to Razer's actual product / engineering / support / community teams even acknowledging this thread with over 3K views on this issue??

    Am I posting in the wrong spot here, or do they literally not care about their customers / product quality?
  19. Marlboroke

    Marlboroke New Member

    i've had exactly the same issue for 3 devices in a row now…

    first one got stuck after 2 weeks. i returned it and bought a new one while waiting on my money for the first one.
    the second one broke after a month..so i ended up buying a 3th one while getting the money back from the second.

    now the third one broke and instead of going through the process again, i've decided to open it up to see what the issue is.... and well... it's obvious that this highly expensive product is made with 0 quality whatsoever when it commes down to the thumbpad.

    it's a waist of money and from what i can tell on this forum it becommes clear that this company doesn't care whatsoever.

    more than 2 decades worth of knowledge on how to make a functioning keyboard that doesn't break withing a month and razer just decides to take a dump on that knowledge while going ahead with somthing that is basicly designed to break since they would have obviously known this issue if they did any form of quality control.
  20. Q6016848031

    Q6016848031 New Member

    Honestly, Razer is a joke right now, they're selling sub par products for a fortune because they are pretty much the Apple of gaming hardware.

    I was going to move onto Logitech to replace my Tartarus, but they've discontinued their game board, and theirs actually had an analog stick on it instead of a D-pad.

    I've considered building my own but I've neither the knowledge nor the resources to make it
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